ADHD in Kids: Struggles With Processing Information - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-10


The difference between a normally active child and a child who has ADHD is that most children with ADHD often experience difficulties in processing information as opposed to healthy kids. With the hyperactive instance, it might be that the child has a problem in slowing down enough to accurately process information. The action, in turn, creates challenges in a classroom setting where children are expected to accurately and promptly respond to and make sense of instruction (Child Mind Institute, 2019). Also, children with ADHD are always overwhelmed and frustrated easily as they have a problem in regulating their emotions as opposed to normal children who do not hold grudges easily. The depicted symptoms in ADHD children always interfere with their social relationships which in turn leads to an isolation sense as well as low self-esteem (Timimi & Taylor, 2004).

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Children with ADHD often struggle with various executive function concerns such as remembering details, concentrating, prioritizing, planning and organizing. The case is different for normal kids, as they are always active and self-driven in their daily activities after being directed. The issues in ADHD children often become challenging in a range of settings, for example, in after-school sports, they might be expected to attend the activities in time, prepared and should remember what they were taught in time, but they will always have difficulties in doing all these actions (Child Mind Institute, 2019). Moreover, children with ADHD always tend to be developmentally less mature than their peers, where a 15-year-old child with ADHD might behave and think more like a young child instead of a rising adolescent. The action implies that even as adolescents, the ADHD children might lack the relevant judgment to make good choices regarding risk-taking, friendships, and potentially harmful activities (Sullivan, 2010).

What treatment has been useful in treating children with ADHD?

Treatment for ADHD is not always about taking medication. Various effective treatment options can be giving them nutritious meals, encouraging them to exercise and play with their peers, improving and enhancing their social skills, teaching them new coping skills et cetera, which might enhance their concentration span, prevent hyperactivity, and control impulsive behavior. Also, stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin might be prescribed for them but are certainly not the remedy (Child Mind Institute, 2019).


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