Admission Essay: Hospitality Services Management

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Date:  2022-10-26


My dream professional career is to become a hospitality services manager who will be in charge of different departments in a hospitality establishment. Hospitality services management is a fascinating occupation that involves ensuring that guests get all the desired services within a hospitality establishment irrespective of their cultural background. Hospitality consumers have multiple needs and cultural backgrounds and pursuing the career professionally increases one's competence to satisfy consumers. I have chosen hospitality services management as a career because it is very practical and exposes one to new cultural experiences and interactions. The career involves interacting with people from different cultures and it is essential to develop multicultural competency to ensure that all consumers are satisfied with the services.

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EHL is a prestigious hospitality management school in Switzerland that will play a significant role in the realization of my career goals as a hospitality manager by equipping me with the skills that are unique and necessary for the field. In EHL I will pursue a bachelor degree which will be instrumental in acquiring the hospitality management skills and expertise that will boost my competence in my future hospitality career endeavors. I look forward to joining EHL to create a network with students who have similar ambitions in traditional vegetarian cuisines and hospitality services. Education is key towards promoting professionalism and high quality hospitality services and choosing the best school is instrumental in acquiring skills and expertise that is applicable in the prevailing hospitality environment.

Four years ago, I became a vegetarian, and since then I have been able to appreciate the importance and value of hospitality services managers due to their ability to create unique experience to meet the needs of their customers. Having interacted with people from different cultures while studying in the United Kingdom and growing up in Hong Kong, I am aware of the diversity of needs from a multicultural global market in hospitality services especially due to globalization. Travelers play a significant role in the development of hospitality services and the hospitality managers ensure that travelers are able to access a variety of delicious dishes and accommodation experience that meet consumer individual preferences. As a vegetarian, I am dedicated to ensuring that in future I can be able to develop multicultural creative vegetarian dishes.

Hospitality services continue to change and many hospitality establishments seek to achieve a competitive advantage by remaining creative and authentic. As a hospitality manager, I will be able add value to the existing hospitality services in Hong Kong which is my hometown by being able to merge my experience from the United Kingdom and Switzerland to create superior hospitality experience that has a global and international appeal. Being a vegetarian has significantly shaped my career direction and motivated me to become an hotelier to be able to offer global traveler and tourists more value in service.


Today, consumers are more focused on the issues regarding environmental sustainability adopted by hospitality organizations. Businesses that have adopted green energy which reduces carbon emissions can easily attract consumers. As a practicing hospitality services manager it is important to advocate more on vegetarians cuisine which has been proved to have a low emission effect to promote environmental protection. Therefore, being a vegan today has changed my perception and purpose of life, and as a hotel manager, I can be able to attract more non-vegans to be vegetarian through creativity and persistence into creating new hospitality experiences that are appealing and attractive to travelers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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