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Date:  2021-06-08 17:39:31
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

There are various strategies that firms employ in the process of advertisement, to bring their products in the market and to increase the sales for the same in the modern society. In this manner, the use of Miller/Fowles inventory of human needs identifies the human needs that are very suitably used for the purposes of advertisement and help in increasing the sales of products. According to Miller/Fowles inventory of human needs, some of human needs that are of the greatest importance to the population are such as the need for sex, the needs for affiliation, the needs to nurture, the need for guidance, the need to be aggressive, and the need to achieve. Some of the needs in human race include the need to dominate, the need for prominence, the need for attention, the need for autonomy, the need to escape, the need to feel safe, the need for aesthetic sensation, the need to satisfy curiosity and finally the physiological needs such as the food, drink, and sleep.

Despite there being various food packaging firms and food manufacturers, there is the challenge of unhealthy foods in the market where the same has been found to be spreading various diseases in the society and causing illnesses on the population. To help in tackling such related problem, the advertisement aims at bring to the attention of the public the availability of packaged foods that are natural and healthy, and are fit for human consumption. It is the onus of the society to engage in the promotion of such foods to ensure that the society is informed about availability of healthy packaged foods which aims at reducing the probability of occurrences of modern-day related diseases related to the taking of bad foods. The advertisement strategy is of great importance as it seeks to increase societal awareness at the least cost to help in ensuring the healthy standards of the society is maintained. Finally, the advertisement strategy conforms to the Miller and Fowlers hierarchy of needs because it focuses more on the quality of health of the population then relates the advert to the physical fitness of the women. Despite the fact that most companies use the right forms of advertisement, there are others whose advertisement activities are tinged with trickery, manipulation or bamboozlement to make their products sellable in the market. There is the need for the society to acknowledge poor advertisement platforms to help in tackling challenges resulting for the same to eliminate poor advertisement opportunities. Trickery is eminent in the advertisement of canned products which the company claims to be natural products with various benefits to the humankind. It is in this case that proves the need to examine trickery used in the advertisement process to lure the population into buying the products. One of the tricks employed in the Well Yes products is that the company claims that such products are natural while in the real sense, there are various chemicals added to the products.

In the advertisements, pictures used are women, and fruits to put forward the idea that the products are natural and that they help in improving the living conditions of the women. Additionally, the picture used in the advertisement also involve a running woman which helps in putting forth the idea that the canned products help in providing energy, and that they help the population to keep fit and live healthy lifestyles. The visual aids are effective because it is easier to relate fruits with healthy lifestyles, additionally, the use of a woman who is running supports is effective in making the intended population to relate the products being advertised to healthy lifestyles thereby making the products more sellable to a segment of the population that puts much focus on healthy living and physical fitness. Additionally, using the picture of women in the advertisements seek to appeal to the female gender as it is the females who strive to keep fit and tackle cases of obesity.

The use of the picture of the women also aims at increasing the sales of the company worldwide because statistics and research prove that it is the female gender that comprises of the biggest percentage of the population. By the newspaper appeals to the wishes of the female gender, it is prudent that the main aim is to address the challenges of the women who are under pressure to calm down and keep fit. It is apparent that the women are under high concerns to help in addressing the issue of the obesity and reduction of body fat. In this case, the book provides an avenue through which the female gender can address the challenges they face and take part in the improvement of quality of their lives. The pictures used in the cans help in complementing the messages thereof which makes the message clearer and easier to understand in the society and especially the needs of the women.

The term copy that is used is natural and this is supported by showing the natural fruits and vegetables in the advertisements of the canned products. The use of copy is not a lot and they prove to be effective in telling the idea of advertisements to the market. The slogan that the advertisement uses is a soup in the right direction and it proves to be effective having been supported by pictures to help in showing the benefits of the canned soup. However, I have not heard of it before. Thoroufgh examination of the advertisement, the kind of customer that the advertisement tries to reach are the women, and this is evident in the use of women in the advertisements. The women being targeted are between the ages of 20 and 35 years old. The key points that the advertisement makes is that the products are nutritious and healthy, moreover, the ad claims that the products are natural and good for the body. In this manner, the advertisement expects to reap huge from the strategies employed because it assumes that the strategies employed are believable and factual.



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