Advertising: Crucial for Business Success & Market Awareness - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-05


Advertising is a key activity as far as any business is concerned. In the planning of the business operations, the managers have to take much consideration of the advertising of the products they produce. The advertising does that greatest part in informing the market of the availability of the given product in the market. Once a new market is introduced in the market, the organization need to inform the market of the existence of such product so that people can consider it to others that are already existing in the market which may be related to it in either way. The products can be related in the way of either being substitutes of each other. In this case, such products may be perfectly similar to differentiated but are used for the same function. For such goods, the advertising should be consistent and very persuasive to have the people prefer a buying one product to another.

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The persuasive advertising is one that is meant to convince the public or the market that product is better than the others that are in the market even if they are used for the same purpose. Another type of goods is a complementary good which refers to the goods that are consumed together. These are goods that the use of one will mean the requirement of the other since they cannot function separately for example car cannot move without petrol, the phone cannot also be operated without a SIM card. These goods also call for advertisement to inform or remind the market of their existence. Reminder advertising is one which aims at rein forming people of the existence of a product in the market. It intends to let people continue considering the product and to inform them it has not been plucked from the market. It is evident that the ability of an organization to manage its market and the volume of its sales depends on the efforts it puts on advertising.

This advertising can be done in different ways and using different channels to reach the public effectively. Most importantly, the consideration of the target group for the product is important to limit resource use and maximize the output. The advertising can use the written form in which several written materials are used which may be physical or virtual. The physical advertising refers to the written copies that are which may include the bill boards, walls, writings on printed articles and papers like the newspaper and many other. The virtual advertising, on the other hand, involves the use of pictorials to show the products and make them known to the public. At times movies and films can be used to do the advertising through the virtual audio media to reach the market depending on the number of people intended to be reached by the information. In the present, the advertising is conquering and taking over both the virtual and the virtual spaces and making them look like all that is needed or is being done is advertising. This is indicated by the fact that almost every item in one way or the other is issued with a mark of identification it which advertises it amidst that other things and activities. This has been observed and analysis was done exposing that the advertisements are overtaking both the media and other physical spaces in the world today.

With an increase in technology, the producers want to identify their products in the market by having a tag put on them or having something on them that make them appear different and unique in the market. In the media like televisions and the radios, there are films that are meant to advertise the concerned products. This may be in the form of:

In the public libraries that are fitted with WIFI and computers in the, the virtual are able to access the physical space by having separations of both the soft and the hard sources of information. In such libraries the AOPAC areas are used to give direction on the location of the books on the shelves. The readers who visit the libraries have the opportunity of accessing a separate area of computers that they will use to go online and do the researches from the internet. In this way, the advertisement of the books found in the very library are done through then OPAC hence colonizing the physical space. The individuals may visit the library physically and Read the physical books hence acquiring the information as printed in the books. At the same time, the readers can decide to visit the online libraries to find their books if they have their links and get the information they are investigating. On the online sites, every writer strives to advertise their articles to be the ones to be used so that they can earn from them. They ensure they put on the first page the most appropriate topic that will attract the reader at once so that the reader will choose to read their sources over others. The creation of blogs are taking over the normal advertisement pages, and this is growing speedily and is seen to be overtaking the sites.

The onsite activities are also colonizing the virtual space. This is done by having the organizations and the institutions doing the advertising of their services on hard writings. N the online sites are some of the pasted information that are mean to inform the people on certain things that are physical in the libraries. The online sites may have articles with columns that show and indicate the direction of other things that are found in the physical space mostly through the help of OPAC in the libraries. It could be done in magazines or on walls of bill boards.

An example is the announcement of a public library by having them print their programs including the operational hours and the services that they offer. As well, the churches also do this commonly by having the programs of the same printed on boards to help the people to get to know the order of the services. The rooms are painted and decorated by given industries to even at a cost to help the organization reach the people with the advertisement by exposing it to them to read. This has also been exercised by some organizations going as far as printing specific clothes with their logos to be worm by their workers. This is intended to expose the organization through and to uphold a high reputation in public.

The main aim of most of these organizations is the creation of publicity that can help them achieve the goal of building commendable public relations. The mobile space has also taken over and is considered to colonize the space. With the advertisement in technology, some countries have taken the advantage to explore and implore the ways that would help them boost their economic activities resulting in huge developments. An example is China country that has over the time concentrates in the urbanization that has succeeded in transforming the rural areas into the modernization in line with the civilization that has taken over the world. Many of the people are found residing in the cities and towns where they can easily access the information. Some of the libraries in the towns have provided these communities with the mobiles featured with books that are meant to move them like twice every year. This has made it possible for the mobiles to take over some others forms of studies since all information can be gotten at the point of sitting at homes provided the individuals ate civilized. The libraries can choose to use either buss to circulate the books to the reach of the members who are readily accessible since they live within their own.

The videos and movies also play a very critical role in the advertisement. The individual firms have used movies to advertise their products. On the sites where the move is posted for access to the people, there are some other clouded movies that are played before the real movie begins to play for instance in the YouTube, some of the movies have the replayed movies that always play before the main video play. This is done to videos that are popular and are watched by many people. At the same time, there is a trend where a portion of the popular movies is used for advertising some products. The printing of the given information on the clothes play the role of reminder and ensuring that people in the market are informed and are much aware of the existence of the product in the market. Every place of late is filled up with papers that are used for advertising given products.


In conclusion, advertisement is crucial to any organization and should be used to increase the awareness to the public about changes, existence and the introduction of the product in the market. The only threat is that the advertisement if taking over all the other activities since the since most of the items such as carriers and clothes and many more today are doing the silent advertising event without the concentration of the people doing it.

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