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The American nursing organization is a fully professional organization that represents the interests of approximately 3.1 million registered nurses through the constituent member nurses associations and other organizational affiliates (Wynd, 2003). The professional organization operates across all the states within the United States with the aim of ensuring that the interests of the nurses are well represented. The organization tries to improve the relationship of the nurses and the community through ensuring that high standards of nursing practice are maintained, and by ensuring that the health care professions are focused towards improving healthcare for all individuals. The American nursing association performs the main role of advancing the nursing profession through, promoting the rights of the nurses within the workplace and focusing on realistic and positive viewing of nursing within the workplace.

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Examination of the Organization

The American nursing association mission statement is to enhance the health and well-being of the entire population and also advance the nursing profession across the country. On the other hand, the philosophy stated by the professional organization tries to describe the characteristics of human rights and also to prove how ethics and human rights are related. For instance, the principle of justice tends to be one of the key points whereby ethics and human rights intersect. The administrative structure of the nursing profession is clearly defined, therefore it is considered that the member assembly works together with the organization's board of directors to control the organization's activities (Camicia, Chamberlain, Finnie, Nalle, Lindeke, Lorenz, & Jones, 2013). Through working together, these two organizations tend to combine their insight and talent, thus developing a clear picture of what is needed in nursing currently.

Strength and Limitation of the Organization

The American nursing association has various key strengths that have played a key role in fulfilling the organization objectives. The main strength of the professional organization is that the organization has been able to ensure that high standards of nursing practice are maintained within the workplace. For instance, cases of medical errors have greatly reduced as a result of the effective control of the nursing organization. On the other hand, the organization has various limitations that hinder the organization from achieving its goals. One of the key limitation of the nursing organization is the increased nurse's shortage within the country. For instance, most of the health facilities have continuously complied of the low nurses to patient ratio. The issue of nursing shortage within the organization has affected the organization objective of providing quality healthcare.

Organization Delivery System

To ensure that the nurses offer quality services to the population, the American nursing association has adopted a specific care delivery system that ensures that the nurses are well equipped and updated on what is required of them in the workplace (Rutherford, 2008). The delivery system requires every individual to have attained at least a diploma in nursing and should also undertake a competency exam to asses if they are well qualified to take part in various health obligation within the workplace. The nurses also have to undergo regular assessment after a specific period to assess their level of competency and to renew their licenses. In most case, the qualified nurses are delegated various duties within the workplace some of the duties delegated to the registered nursed include: monitoring the patient's progress in the wards, administering medication, and maintain patient records.

Outcomes and Measurements

The system outcomes refers to any system that; identifies, measures, prioritizes, and holds various parties responsible for the outcomes that are experienced in a certain nursing area. The system outcome is utilized by the organization to identify various outcomes within the healthcare and also identify the individuals who are responsible for the specific health outcomes. On the other hand, The nurse sensitive clinical outcomes are the indicators or measures that reflect on the process, structure, and outcome of nursing care. Their main aim is to monitor or reflect on the impact of nursing care in the population. In this case, the nurse specific clinical outcomes can be assessed based on various factors that include; the patient's satisfaction, clinical quality, and nurses satisfaction. The use of these factors helps to determine the impact of nursing practice to the population.


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