Attending the Community Health Fair and Passport Experience Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-05-20

On attending the Community Health Fair, which was held on 18 September 2016, I gained an opportunity for realizing that relating with patients and members of community regarding diverse health issues is a productive undertaking in boosting overall patient health, safety, and wellbeing. It provides individuals with ways of refraining from typical office encounters, but allows nurses to patients on their societies where they can air their grievances concerning health. In these environments, the nurses manage to meet with their patients and treat them as other equal community members. Furthermore, since different kinds of people with diverse health concerns meet, they all show eagerness to cooperate in the name of health care. Here, the major experience I gained relates to supporting reconciliation between nurses and patients while eliminating a hierarchical encounter thereby improve the interactions that nurses have with patients, families, and the community CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011).

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In addition, when taking part at the Health Fair, my major goals from the experience revolved around understanding how to link health needs of the public health with the nursing profession. I aimed to gain significant knowhow on ways of advising patients regarding their unique needs for health as well as manage to address different groups concerning diverse health topics prevalent in the community. From the encounter, the key course learning outcomes I realized was how to work with the community to facilitate in supporting improved health, safety, and wellbeing in diverse healthcare situations. Since I perceive my nursing course as integral to my career goals, therefore, combining my course with the passport experience would allow me to make notable contribution to the broader society through addressing the prevailing healthcare issues effectively CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011).

Furthermore, the encounter at the Health Fair has influenced my skills, knowledge, and attitudes considerably. I have managed to devise ways of engaging with patients within the society, hence gained significant understanding concerning their self-identity. I have recognized that through addressing the key health concerns in a group environment, it becomes possible to comfort others through understanding the concerns they share. Moreover, it is possible for individuals to pass certain message effectively concerning a health issue, thereby contemplating action by community members. Thus, the experience has improved my skills, knowledge, and attitudes to promote community health successfully, while at the same time laying emphasis on emerging health issues and propose ways of addressing them effectively CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011).

Besides, while taking part at the Health fair, I managed to develop new perceptions concerning the world in a number of ways. I have recognized that when dealing with people on a one-on-one basis, it becomes possible to understand the various underserved needs within the community. I now acknowledge that the demographics of a given society assists a health care professional in addressing topics meant for a given community, especially through targeting certain subgroups. In this sense, I have identified opportunities for boosting awareness, which then facilitates in generating conversations that support deeper contemplation on various health issues, which are presently having significant impact on health care delivery in the world today CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011).

In addition to the encounter I had at the Health Fair, I would look forward for a repeat experience, which I would utilize to do certain things differently. For instance, I realized that encouraging patients to raise questions plays a key role in understanding their diverse health care concerns. In the first instance, since I failed to welcome answers from the patients, I would target answering diverse health care questions that patients raise in my next Health Fair. I grasped the ideal that people usually have various questions on health-related issues, although they usually lack opportunities to ask nurses or other health care professionals. Therefore, in the next fair, I would focus on targeting certain subgroups that show curiosity on certain health topics. My desire for doing so results from the notion that welcoming questions from patients would allow me gain considerable knowledge and experience concerning the diverse health issues that patients encounter, thereby boost my skills and expertise in health care delivery CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011).

The passport experience also played a major role with respect to allowing me transition to professional nursing practice. I have noted that serving as a nurse plays a critical role in providing one with opportunities for discovering as well as providing a platform for correcting the diverse misunderstandings that prevail in the healthcare environment. Since it is not possible for patients to talk freely in an office setting, I have noted that providing a collegial and relaxed environment can foster a setting whereby patients are willing to exercise open-mindedness regarding various health care concerns. In this sense, the passport experience has allowed me gain significant experience regarding the nursing profession and the role I can play in addressing the diverse health concerns of patients CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011). As such, I believe I have the capacity of transforming the nursing environment to one centered on addressing the diverse patients needs openly, thus my desire to transition into nursing.

Lastly, the passport experience has provided me with opportunities for dealing with different kinds of patients while employing various health promotional tactics. For instance, I have noted that certain patients and families are reserved when it comes to discussing certain issues in a formal office setting. These ones would realize benefits from the health promotion techniques employed in my passport experience. Therefore, to deal with such individuals, I would support openness when discussing health issues with them. I would also provide them with opportunities for raising questions related to the health concerns that disturb them CITATION Rho11 \l 1033 (Rhodes, et al., 2011). This way, I would understand their grievances and provide them with the ideal interventions that would allow them lead productive lives and cope with their diverse health conditions successfully.


BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Rhodes, M. K., Morris, A. H., & Lazenby, R. B. (2011). Nursing at its Best: Competent and Caring. Retrieved from

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