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What is Accounting?

A vital role is played by an accountant in making a business succeed or failing. We have seen many articles that support the actions of accountants in the past. We have previously discussed ethical issues and standards in our classrooms. An accountant is a professional who can provide quality advice to entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs. They help businesses implement accounting systems and the rules of the land. They provide cost-effective solutions and innovative operating techniques that increase the company's profit. They can also be involved in many roles within an organization. They can be involved in

  1. Audit
  2. Annual accounts in compliance with the regulator of land
  3. Organizational planning
  4. Filing tax
  5. Prepare financial statements
  6. Qualitative inputs for the stakeholders

Accounting has been misunderstood many, many times. However, Atrill, P. & McLaney, E. (2011) explain that accountants are used to prepare financial reports and for accounting purposes. Although accountants are skilled at preparing financial reports, this does not make them the best. The ultimate goal of these reports is to provide relevant and reliable information to management to help them make better decisions.

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