Characteristics for a Teacher in High-Need School - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-10-13


Teaching is a calling. It is a task that involves an important element of growth. It is a skill that is necessary for the impartation of knowledge to students. It is not a simple task that can be done by anyone, but it requires a passion and willingness from the involved parties towards the attainment of the required objective after the teaching period. It is important to note that even though it is a calling, there are instances where a teacher loses focus thus affecting the delivery of knowledge. At this crucial element is where a teacher either becomes a good or a bad teacher. Indeed, most of the time, a teacher starts out as good but various factors derail his journey and his duty. It is, therefore, important that a teacher is able to ensure that he/she has the basic characteristics that make one a good teacher.

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Indeed, I do not intend to blow my own trumpet, but I believe that I possess these necessary tools and characteristics that make me stand out from the rest of the teachers. It is not to say that I am special as I believe that these skills are essential tools that every teacher should possess in his/her day to day teaching.

The first skill is the ability to forge relationships with the students. It has been a great journey of teaching for me. Indeed, I remember when I was starting out, I was always nervous about teaching and did not forge any relationships with the students I taught. It reflected in the results and on further scrutiny, the students themselves told me they felt I did not know them or have any relationship with them. This was true because I had not even learned any of their names at the time. I made a turnaround and made it my mission to have a relationship with the students. Indeed, the learning environment became more conducive which was reflected in the results at the very end. I believe that developing a relationship with the students is important as it makes them part of the learning process and one could also learn one or two things from the students themselves.

High need students particularly require one to forge meaningful relationships that go beyond teaching. It is important that a teacher takes a keen interest in the interests of these as they may have underlying issues that may affect their education and the teacher has a way of finding solutions or ways of passing education albeit these challenges because of the relationship that he/she has created with the student.

Another important characteristic of a teacher is having the dedication to the teaching profession. Dedication means to have unquantifiable love or passion for a particular job. This includes being committed to the success of the students. It means that a teacher should always be ready and willing to help and give time towards the students when he/she requires help for the subject being taught. Dedication means that a teacher will not stop or get tired in ensuring success for his/her students. For the high needs students, it means that the teacher is going to go well beyond his stipulated time and do more to ensure that these students have a good grasp of what he/she is teaching. Indeed, coupling this characteristic with the first one where the teacher has a good relationship with his/her students, a teacher will go beyond the normal and ensure success for his/her students at whatever cost.


I believe that I have these characteristics among others that are necessary for ensuring success when dealing with high-need students. The WW Teaching Fellowship Program is a good opportunity that is going to enhance these characteristics which are important towards the progress of learning and teaching. Other than that, I meet all the criteria for the WW Teaching Fellowship Program and will be delighted if given a chance.

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