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Corporate copy centre (CCC) is one of the innovative programs sold by Royal Corporation through its sales representative. CCC is an equipment used by companies to address copying as well as printing needs. Furthermore, the CCC program is used by organizations to manage their facilities. Apart from mass copying, CCC program can also be used in microfilming, sorting, colour-copying, binding as well as collating. Some of the benefits that companies derive from using this program include reproduction that heir is contracted at a particular cost, guaranteed production as well as customized capabilities. In addition, Royal Corporation has trained several operators for this program, thus ensuring CCC customers get quality and topnotch services. This implies that companies using this program can pay their labor costs once per month as a single invoice. The firms can also enjoy recruitment and training services by using CCC program. Firms can also get chargeback control as well as paid benefits from the Royal Corporation expert operators once they start using CCC program.

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750 color copiers is another product sold by Royal Corporation, which is hardware sold via the Royal Reproductive Center (RRC) (Hennessey and Barbara 312). During its introduction to the market, colour copier experts were responsible for selling this product. Notably, this product did not attain the anticipated success as sales representatives refused to sell this product and the sales managers unwilling to manage the work of the colour copier experts.

The decision-maker for the CCC program is the upper royal management. The management is pushing sales managers to pressure their sales representatives to sell this program. The decision-maker for the 750 colour copiers is the RRC division. This department took over the management roles of this product after the sales managers, and sales representatives lost interest in selling it.

Evaluate Mary's selling efforts at each account she visited. Use one or more of the models we discuss in class.

Some of the sales models that apply in the Jone's selling situations are the sales process model as well as the organizational buying decision stages. Mary has not shown any effort towards selling the CCC program to Acme Computers. Notably, she has not contacted this company for over six months to follow up on CCC program purchase. However, she has been keen on closing this deal as he had prepared and researched the companies needs effectively before going for the meeting with Acme' director. The preparation is proper because it would have helped Mary to present her proposal coherently and with Acme's needs in mind. During her meeting with Betty, she makes a significant effort of highlighting the value of CCC to Acme Computers in terms of cutting down its reproductive costs. However, Jones fails in addressing the issue of the price of the program, which was the biggest concern to Betty, thus making it difficult for her to close the sale (Hennessey and Barbara 311).

Jone's also went for a meeting at Bickford Publishing, which was already her client. She demonstrates her commitment to closing more business with this company despite the resentment that Joe Smith feels towards her (Hennessey and Barbara. Jones's had demonstrated great skills in closing Bickford as ten percent of her salary was from products she had sold to this company. She has also been following up for more business through calls. Moreover, Mary shows her resilience in selling by insisting that Joe Smith consider the benefits of the CCC program despite being turned down. Despite Smith indicating that Bickford was not willing to purchase the CCC program at that time, Mary did not lose hope selling to them. She was determined to convince Mr. Perry to buy this program.

Mary Jones also demonstrated that she follows the sales process approach based on the way she approached ABC Electronics. Before meeting Sam Lawless, she did her research on the amount the company spends on printing as well as other companies selling the same product. Furthermore, Jones depicted her sales efforts by following up for a meeting with Lawless for four months. Despite the disappointments she encounters at ABC, she is still focused on getting a meeting and a deal from the new operations manager.

What are Mary's key deficiencies in her selling? As her sales manager, what would you do to help her become more successful?

To begin with, Mary does not confirm her meeting with her potential clients before leaving her office for the meeting. This makes her waste her time going to the company offices only to find that the person she wanted to meet is not in or is not prepared to meet her. For instance, in ABC, she proceeded for the meeting without calling first to confirm the meeting. She left ABC disappointed as the person she wanted to meet had stopped working for the company (Hennessey and Barbara 312). Furthermore, Jone's does not pay much attention to what the client is saying during the meeting. This makes her lose the important details that potential clients are interested in the CCC program. For example, when pitching about CCC to betty from Acme Computers, she concentrated on talking about the value to the client rather than addressing the issue of cost, which was the main concern to Betty.

As Mary's sales manager, I would advise her always to call a day before and a few hours before the start of their meeting to confirm the availability of the concerned person. Confirming a meeting with a potential client before leaving a sales office is vital as it will help Mary to avoid wasting time and resources. I would also advise Mary always to listen and respond to clients concerns during a meeting rather than only focusing on matters she had prepared for.

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Hennessey, David, and Barbara Kalunian. Royal Corporation. Babson College, 1994, pp. 309-319, Accessed 11 Aug 2019.

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