Customer Service in Logistics - Paper Example

Date:  2021-07-05 01:49:02
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For purposes of continuity in production, strategic distribution from the point of origin to that of consumption is imperative. Notably, the entire process is dependent on the availability and reliability of the customers. To strengthen the competitive advantage, profile and enhancement of the profitability level, proper customer service logistics are significant. This paper, therefore, critically analyses the role, significance, and contributions of the customer logistic department in meeting the objectives and goals of the business.

Thesis Statement: Customer service logistics is central to planning, implementation and ensuring the effective and efficient flow of products and services from the production point to that of consumption with the aim of meeting business and customer needs.

Customer Service Strategy

Change in processes and strategies are inevitable as the customers, environment and other external factors such as competition shape it.

The strategies involving access procedures, information inquiry and the general organization structure that governs the entire chain from production to the point of sales is significant as it enables the customers to focus on the specific personnel within the chain to enhance quick service delivery hence time-saving.

The significance of customer service strategy is to create an aggressive approach that enables an institution to dominate the market, set up and retain customers.


The success of any organization regardless of its nature is dependent on the efficiency of the flow of information.

Communication is a pillar that links customers to the organization through the concerned customer service desk. The ease of ordering products, reply to inquiries, complaints, and demands of the clients are all dependent on the efficiency of communication.

The significance of communication is that it develops a sense of reliability, dependability, and trust between the organization and the customers. The highlighted aspects are pillars that dictate the future of an organization in the corporate world.

Service quality

The degree of satisfaction attained from a given product or service depends on the quality and expectation of the customers.

A perfect remark from the customers implies that their perceived expectation has been realized by the product in line with the composition, time of delivery and transaction elements.

The significance of this element is to elevate profile at a level of monopoly despite the existence of other similar businesses in the market.


Strategic planning, communication and enhanced quality of goods and services, are vital for proper implementation, control, and reinforcement of the right business strategies.


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