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Paper Example on Logistic Technology LLC Future Action Plan

Date:  2021-05-24 03:58:47
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For consistency with the federal procurement opportunitys mission and strategic plan, the company has various future sustainable and efficient future as their vision or long term goal. Firstly, the company will increase its investment by 40 percent by 2019 especially in the structural maintenance, and transport infrastructure upgrading. Secondly, the firm will promote modernization through promising innovations, for instance, the alternative adoption of drive trains or longer goods vehicles on the road by 2020. Lastly, digitalization of the rural areas by the year 2018 will be the number one innovator in automatic and connected driving.

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Bid decision-making evaluation form

The following is a bid evaluation form Logistics Technology LLC will use to measure its performance. High rated is 10 while the lowest ratings is 1 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,,10).

Bid area scoring criteria Negative Neutral Positive

Rating Unfamiliar needs of customers Cannot meet requirements Poor performance Problems exist with customers Sufficient employees and support unavailable to support the proposal Competitor has significant advantage Must cut corners to be competitive

Price credibility problems Understand customers and may meet requirements Neutral or no past performance Relationship is neither positive nor negative Capable of performing technically Subcontractors have no impacts Familiar with what is going on Adequate resources available but need to be supplemented No one has benefit Responsive and competitive Fully understand customer and can ultimately meet requirements Good past performance and strong customer relationship Criteria of a firms current market position

It is evident that a well-positioned company will shine over their competitors in the same market or industry. The company that brings out what it does and why it is the best choice makes the clients and the federal procurement officials to make quicker decisions on whether to involve in business together. Therefore, the company will create a market positioning strategy, through the use of various criteria that are critical in enhancing competitive advantage (Outsiders, 2016).

Brand positioning strategy/rebranding

In positioning, it is important to determine the dimensions which ensure market positioning through branding. Thus the target customer will be highly satisfied. Moreover, knowledge of where the brand positioned with assumptions that you already in the market is also a key in enhancing market positioning of the companys products and services. The analysis is always conducted to determine the unmet gaps that would present a potential positioning opportunity.

Product positioning strategy

To effectively position a product, both internal and external analysis is required. Before placing the companys goods and services, the whole business accurately positions itself. It is always important in making decisions when a corporation has chosen to extend their product brands in too many locations as they can reduce the benefits of what they offer thereby confusing the clients.

Competitive pricing

Due to the firms competitive pricing, its market positioning has remained relevant in the industries. The company, therefore, ensures that pricing is related to the companys profits or revenue. The pricing strategy of the business originated from the competitive positioning. Since the company boasts of the superior products and services and also leads in the market reputation or branding, the company has the freedom to dictate the premium pricing of the goods and services. Therefore, pricing will determine a companys market positioning considering other factors such as availability of substitutes, existing rivalry from other business among others.

Competitive positioning strategy

The companys range of diversification coupled with quality and reliable logistics services make us attain a competitive advantage over our competitors. Our team of qualified and experienced staffs is also behind the success of the company.

Bid strategy that provides a competitive advantage over competitors using five customer critical evaluation requirements (CKERs).

The companys bid strategies will majorly focus on increasing both the value of the customers and also achieve competitive advantage over the competitors. My bid strategies are developed putting in place the following factors.

Price factors

The price of the products and services matters to every customer. Based on the alternative companies offering the same goods and services, my pricing will be considerate of the economic conditions and availability of close substitute thus a competitive edge over the competitors. The company also ensures that the price presented to the customers gives a return on investments at the same time gives the customers an automatic choice in decision making.

Meeting both the satisfaction of the client and companys increase in productivity

The bidding strategy will strive to be productive in both addressing the needs of the customers and improving the firms productivity. In this case, it will be a win-win situation for both parties since the company and the customers gains from the products and services offered. Additionally, through the quality products and services provided, the businesses and customers requirements and specifications are not only met but also exceeded, therefore, enhancing productivity from both parties. With the timely and highly reliable logistics deliveries in our services, it will be convenient for the customers especially the clients who deal with highly perishable goods.

Ensuring customers goals are met.

The primary purpose of the logistic company is the satisfaction of the customers through the provision of quality goods and services. My proposal will enable the business to facilitate the acquisition of new technologies that will lead to improvement of the quality services to the customers. Additionally, the companys exceptional quality services will define the clients goals and therefore used as a benchmark by both the clients and other competing firms. Moreover, the companys capabilities of achieving customers goals will be a big plus to the business in achieving the competitive advantage thereby increasing the businesss market share.

Risks factors

With a 24-hour customer care services, the customers are assured of efficient and timely emergency response. Besides, the companys fleet of cargo vehicles will always be an alternative in case of any unexpected event. Our branches in different locations in the country are a big plus in enabling accessibility of our products and services. The diversification and our dynamic feature enable the company to achieve competitive advantage over its peers in the same industries.

Integrity and trust.Every stakeholder and customers are assured of the high level of integrity and honesty from our pool of honest staffs. In doing business with us, every client remains guaranteed that the confidentiality and trust are upheld to support the spirit of professionalism in the delivery of services. The companys integrity can be proven from the credibility, transparency and stable prices we offer to our customers in exchange for our products and services.

Three risks of the strategy for bidding and then develop three opportunities to mitigate each risk

Firstly pricing will be the top risk of the company. It is because even though the enterprise wishes to win the bid, the price has to be in the bracket where they could also make money. Thus, it will always be critical to consider the past pricing that includes all the overheads and operations costs. Secondly, logistics a remains a risk in the bid strategy. Expenditures incurred in the logistics and operations should be considered in the plan, and the company should always strive to minimize costs while maximizing revenue and offering quality services to the customers. Lastly, customers commitment has proved to be a significant risk during bidding. To ensure all customers are committed to your products and services, we strive to improve our technology and service delivery to ensure there is always a smile on customers face. To enhance customers commitment, we will be making a follow-up be regularly sending our monitoring team for the client to enquire about the products and services offered.


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