Inspiration from The Past - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-08-18


From time to time, we always have that one person who has a lifelong effect on the decisions we make and the way we perceive life. This one person may or may not know much about you, but may have the most impact on your life. As such, this person is bound to be highly motivational especial if it is a close relative or friend. For my case, it is my older brother who has time and again impacted hugely on my life. From a young age, my brother has always been there to support me in almost all my decisions whether smart or silly ones. Thus, it is due to him that today I am more ambitious, respectful and responsible more than I have ever been. Discussed below are some of the reasons that my brother has been the most inspirational person to me.

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First and foremost, my brother has always been smart. I believe that he is smarter than I will ever be. At a young age, he learned how to read from many people including our parents as he was always motivated about it. He was able to excel in subjects that I am currently good at, and those that I am not. He could switch from perfectly acing a calculus test, to writing a high-quality paper real quick. As such, his academic excellence has always challenged and motivated me to perform better in my studies. I am therefore confident that as I continue with school, the motivation I get from him will always keep me on my toes.

My brother was always self-driven and still is. He would burn the midnight oil and skip meals just to pass his examinations. He was also actively involved in sports and especially in volleyball. He would dedicate specific hours to practice after class hours, and this would always boost his performance in the tournaments. Therefore I believe that if he was capable of working harder than anyone else in his class, so can I. My purpose is not to outshine him, but to be the best version of me there could be due to the person he was back then, and the man he is today. Currently, we live on opposite sides of the state. Nonetheless, his mentality and attitude still hold.

To further illustrate why my brother has always been an inspiration to me is the fact that he has always been kind. Form a young age; he would be polite to anyone and everyone he came across. My parents would always complement him and buy him presents for his good behaviors. He would always use kind words such as ''thank you'' or ''please''. As such, he always tries to win people not by being masculine, but by portraying good morals and expressing his kind nature. He would always treat all people with kindness and utmost respect. Sometimes I would sit and watch as his friends cheered on him during volleyball tournaments and this would only reaffirm all the positive things I know about him.

Lastly, my brother has never been one to give up. Whenever he faced hardships in his endeavors, he would go back to the drawing board, strategize and get right back to his feet. Thus inspiring even more people, be it in sports, school or his social life. He has surely come a long way and taught me a lot.

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