Essay on Advertising Example: Negative Influences of Commercials

Date:  2021-05-27 22:51:58
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Advertising is a widely-used promotion tool that is geared towards drawing more attention to potential customers for an existing or a new product. Effective advertising, therefore, can help an organization to grow its brand and enjoy a competitive advantage as well as increased profits. Thus, advertising as a promotion tool is a mass marketing strategy. Assorted procedures are utilized for advertising which implores the customers and convinces them that why they require is what is being promoted. Advertising strategies will, therefore, concentrate more on the advantages which the customer will derive from that product or service, as opposed to the actual item. Through advertising, goods and services can be publicized. Potential customers, therefore, can choose from the assorted list of advertised products and services expanding the consumption and subsequently expand the demand. Be that as it may, advertising endeavors tend to have negative impacts on the society. For instance, some advertising strategies are geared towards children and could result in adverse ramifications regarding safety, health, and nutrition. Such negative effects are progressively pushing the society and the business sector in a downward spiral. Some of these advertisements act as baits to the customers. As a result, most of these adverts end up being misleading and causing many negative issues. Along these lines, this paper takes a gander at a Lakia shoe commercial that features a child.

Succinctly, the Lakia shoe commercial features a young boy who starts off by skating away from his father. The one-minute video then progresses to show the child slipping across the streets and allies while his father chases him relentlessly. Along the way, the boy comes to various gatherings of people such a young couple kissing in the streets. The young boy stops and is depicted to admire the young couple making out. Not further away, he also stops and smiles at a young girl who seems to be almost his age. The boy continues to skate dangerously on the streets until he gets to a tree with many pairs of shoes hanging on the branches. He tries to throw his, but his height doesnt allow him to throw that high. Finally, his father catches up with him and surprisingly enough, he helps the boy to throw the shoes onto the branches.

At first sight, it looks like a decent advertisement promoting cute shoes, but an in-depth analysis reflects an array of negative influences to children. First, the commercial is seen to glorify the boys act of running away from his father and letting the father chase him across the streets worried. In future, children could take this as an acceptable behavior to let their parents worry about their whereabouts and safety. Second, the boy skates dangerously across the streets without any protective gear or adult supervision. This puts him at risk of getting injured. In so doing, the commercial disregards the need to be cautious and adopt safety measures among children. The third concern is the values and moral aspect of the commercial. Morals and values in society are mirrored by peoples actions in public, relations towards each other, dress codes, and general appearance. For instance, the boy is depicted to admire a young couple kissing on the streets. In my opinion, that scene was unnecessary as it sends the wrong message to young children. Some may interpret that as a relationship between kissing and a nice pair of shoes and thus engage in such immoral acts before they are ready.

Finally, the commercial should have been geared towards advertising the shoes and shoes only without the incorporation of other unnecessary aspects. These aspects were mere baits that were incorporated to woo the attention of the consumers. At the end of the day, a customer may end up buying the item not because they derived the actual benefits of the product but because they were fascinated by an advert. Furthermore, the numerous negative concerns surpass the real promotion endeavors of the commercial.


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