Essay on Cultural Aspects of Time and Ageing

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Date:  2021-06-17

Cecil Helman in the culture aspects of time and ageing, to the relationship of the concept of developmental time one of Cecil Helman form of cultural time, where someone is socially accepted to perform certain duties when the right time comes in life, for instance leaving home and marrying, since it is interesting to analysis different ways in which the social time differ between the various societies and cultures. The aging concepts in relation the article of Cecil Helman in the social time, to portrait time and its idea how it plays a role in the developmental psychology.

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Developmental time in the Western Culture, or the standard clock, that involves a model on the linearity of showing how human developmental is carried out at some points of a persons life path. The standard clock model defines it as when people are mature enough to perform activities such as getting a job, voting, having a relationship, or driving a car. The standard clock of the Western Culture also states that when people continuously attain certain maturity level and milestones of developmental. Also, the developmental time is a communitys influence over the view of human beings when the right time to perform a certain task assessed for. Social clock reinforces the idea of essential, pivotal role playing in verifying how different people in the different locale of cultures feel bind to do certain duties. People in Western society are expected to portray a way of social levels at various points in their lives. If people they do not reach their social goals that are outlined for their age, they may feel discouraged or depressed about their life.

Cecil Helman in the culture aspects of time and aging, to the relationship of the concept of holy time, are the essence of the relationship between modernization and religion concerns, where two related approaches follow suits: philosophical and sociological approach. Under the influence to both of the approaches, one will face a spectrum of options, which may lead to instrumentalization and technological dogmatism. The decision to choose the option to accept will depend on the historical situation which is our destiny. The implications within the framework of religious recommendation and moral criteria, make us turn this fundamental question: how will religious matters be addressed to the public.

The article of social time in relationship to spiritual time centers to the fact that American politicians tend to outline the US as the New Israel. Following to the holy time beliefs, where they identify themselves as the chosen nation. Cecil Helman was trying to show how the Western Culture in the substantial question in movies that have a large range of perspective on how they would view the new American religion. Helman was trying to relatively modern communication which is the clear picture from the virtual religion and its elements in the dual-globalized ground or the current virtualized world to the Western Culture, which Helman was assessing to provide logical and detailed answers to these questions of holy time. Also, Cecil Helman was to point out the fundamental differences between the real religion and a virtual, and what are the outcomes of religions place existence and the duality spaces. Helman wanted to present the Western Culture in the relationship to social time and religious time into areas: dual speciation of paradigm communication and double globalization.

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