Essay on Political Advertising: It's Morning in America Again

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Date:  2021-06-03

The famous political advertisement, It's Morning in America Again was said by Ronald Reagan. The quote was directed to American voters during when he asked the voters is they would wait for four more years to eliminate the then President of America, Jimmy Carter. The advertisement was released in the year 1980 during the American presidential campaigns. According to the advertisement, Ronald Reagan's presidency would make America prouder, better and stronger. This quote became famous after Reagan finally won the elections (Joyella, 2016). He would repeat the quote in his speeches to show Americans that it was another morning but a better one under credible leadership. Ronald Reagan tells American voters that it is another morning and they should not accept to return to their previous troubles by re-electing Jimmy Carter. When Reagan wills the then presidential elections, he repeats the advertisement but to mean that it is another morning with good things for the Americans.

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The famous political advertisement, It's Morning Again in America was first used in 1980, but it has been re-used over time by politicians. The advertisement was used to show the people of America they had another chance to choose good governance through voting. The advertisement is meant to make aware the Americans of the problems the previous government caused (Joyella, 2016). Through the advertisement, the people of America are reminded that their nation was not prouder, better or stronger in the hands of the then government. As a result of the past problems the Americans have witnessed, the advertisement reminds them that the morning has provided another chance. According to Reagan, the morning is for Americans to vote him in as their president to make America great.

The views and meaning of the advertisement are cleared depending on the time it was used as well. For its first time of use by Reagan, the advertisement was used to convince the people of America to vote for Reagan as they were fed up by the then president. The advertisement outlines the various problems that the Americans have undergone in the hands of Jim Carter's leadership. Also in the advertisement, Americans are reminded of the time they have endured the bad governance (Joyella, 2016). He says that they have tolerated the government for quite a long time, four years and they could not afford to bear the situations for the next four years. They are told that the problems are still fresh in their minds and they should consider eliminating the problems by electing new leadership under Reagan. The advertisement is sensible in its appeal for the election of Reagan. The fame gained by the advertisement becomes apparent when Reagan wins the elections and re-states it.

There are several political advertisements in America and other parts of the world. Not all political advertisements would be remembered years after the election periods or after the political error is over. However, there are certain outstanding advertisements that would always be remembered by the people for a long time after their initial use. One of such advertisements is, it's Morning in America Again, the famous quote was used by Ronald Reagan during his presidential campaigns in America (Joyella, 2016). After winning the elections the same political period, he re-stated the advertisement but in a celebratory way unlike in the first case where he was appealing to be elected as the president. The advertisement has been used for many years after that.


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