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Date:  2021-06-29 03:27:10
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Ring modulation (RM) observed as a particular form of amplitude modulation (AM) which has been applied extensively in radio receivers widely and has been in used in musical instrumentalists from the late 1940s. Melachord created by Herald Bode is one of the oldest musical instruments built in 1947 that used the principle of ring modulation. The electronic effect noted in implementation in the process of ring modulation is named ring modulator. Derived by multiplication of two signals namely the input signal and the carrier signal. As for the unique characteristic noted in the ring-modulated signal, they are as a result of the sums and subtractions of the input frequencies. Notably, both input and carrier signals are indistinctive in modified signals.

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As earlier indicated Herald was Bode was one of the earliest users of the ring moderator with a two tone melody keyboard instrument. At the time the ring moderator was not familiar but time went by it gained in popularity momentum with Werner Meyer mentioning of the ring moderator in his published book in 1949. Two years later in 1951 ring moderator was equipped with sound gadgets inclusive of oscillators and noise generator which used in the establishment of WDR Studio for Electronic music in Cologne. In 1953, Melachord by Harald Bode along with Friedrich with Electronic Monochord was commissioned by WDR studios to upgrade their ring modulator synthesis modules which used later in the first half of the 1950s. Later in 1956 Meyer-Epplers a student used the ring modulator in 1956 for some sound unit in Gesang der Junglinge, this was one of the first ever recorded orchestra and live electronics where there were sounds of choral voices modulated with a ring modulator. The sounds of the two pianos used for the bandrouted through the ring modulators. By 1956 the ring modulator was now considered a major component for music production in Louis and Bebe Barrons music3.

Both AM and FM are radio programs that transmitted over radio waves. Where radio waves are part of a broad range of electromagnetic waves. Modulation having defined as the act of changing a particular aspect of thecarrier frequency by the information communicated. Then, AM modifies the amplitude of the carrier frequency while FM modifies the frequency. The concept of modulation origin developed with the fundamental understanding that electricity in the air is just random noise until transmitted into loud music or voice. Thus it has to be modulated which is the basis for either AM or FM radio signals. Moreover, another meaning for modulation is change. Thus the electromagnetic radiation has to be modified or modulated by radio signals which are either AM or FM.

AM (Amplitude Modulation) noted as the simplest form of the radiobroadcast. Every region has a particular frequency which referred to as carrier frequency, which alternatively acts as the vehiclefor the antenna transmission to the receiving tuner. The receiver identifies the changes in the frequency amplitude and amplifies it to the speakers. The simplicity of the technology allowed there to be many built radio receivers. The primary advantage of AM radio waves is they have the ability to transmit over greater differences than the FM as AM signals bounce off their signals off the upper atmosphere. However, the AM also has disadvantages as it suffers from noise and interference than the FM. AM has a very limited audio range in comparison to FM which limits the user to talk radio and have less music. Moreover, the simplicity of the AM design restricts the broadcast to a single audio channel thus making it inadequate for stereo sound.

FM (Frequency Modulation) changes and modulates the frequency of non modulated signals while keeping the amplitude constant. The FM operates in a much higher range of frequency than AM with an approximate range of 87.5MHz to 108.0MHz which is a higher frequency than the AM. FM being a development over AM broadcasting there are substantial benefits, and also it is more complex than AM. Other than the wide range another advantage is the ability of the channel to send out two frequenciesof info at the same time; this enabled the development of advanced algorithms. However, the distance range for the FM is much limited in comparison to the AM radio frequencies with a range distance of approximately 100 miles1. Although the FM signals and still are affected by lightning, the FM have the capacity to use a limiter function that clip of the noise and results in a noise-free signal.

In summary, Ring modulation (RM) has over the last 60 years evolved, usedin the primary musical organs and accompaniments. The continual improvement in Ring modulation (RM) has resulted insignificant impact in the music writing and compositions. There are notable differences between AM and FM. Some of the differences noted are; AM broadcast is simpler that FM, AM is prone to signal distortion in comparison to FM and AM is ideal for talk radios due to its mono-frequency transmission while FM is perfect for stereo making thus ideal for music.


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