Essay on the Person Who Inspired Me Most: Kim Min Jong

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Date:  2021-06-08

The person who inspired me most is Kin Min John. He is a famous Korean actor and singer. Kim started his career at early age in the 1990s as a child actor through which he discovered his unique and outstanding talent. He lived with his parents in Korea. His father was an unsuccessful movie producer while his mother was a house wife. His family was rich but later became very poor. The turnaround of events did not affect the passion that Kim had for music and theatre. In fact, it appears that it motivated him to work harder. This early part of his life encourages me to be determined and pursue my dreams despite the challenges that I face. Importantly, these experiences enabled him to withstand hardships which helped him to shape his character, which was an important aspect of his success.

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Kim inspired me because of his outstanding personality and character despite being a popular public figure in the Korean entertainment industry. He treated everybody with respect in spite of his influential position in the society. Kim received praise from his colleagues in the singing and the acting sector and they referred to him as a great team player. Furthermore, he interacted well with them and created relationships that facilitated his career growth. Additionally, Min respected the seniors in his field and was always ready to learn from them.This was portrayed when he composed a goodbye song to one of his seniors who died in a road accident as a way of showing respect to the deceased. Moreover, Kim was a great mentor to the younger musicians and actors in Korea. In particular, he willingly taught them on the basics of the field which encouraged them to grow. This emphasizes on the importance of respecting and cooperating with others toward the achievement of common goals. Furthermore, I am challenged by Kims willingness to share his knowledge and skills to upcoming actors and singers. As a result, it indicates that he was a selfless singer due to his readiness to help.

What is more, Kim maintained excellent relationships with his fans. His ability to behave in a modest way in the public played a great role towards his popularity among the Koreans. He appreciated his admirers who had actually played the greatest role in his career growth. Besides, he treated them with respect and would always give a helping hand where needed. Interestingly, women adored him for his stunning looks and male posture while most men found him to be compassionate and refereed to him as a brother. This proves that Kim interacted well and was able to create meaningful relationships with everyone that he met. Most people saluted him for his ability to appreciate people and his attempts to solve their problems. This inspires me to improve on communication and interpersonal skills as a strategy to create meaningful relationships with others.

Besides, Kim inspired me because of his generosity towards the poor. He participated in charitable activities in Korea and other parts of the world. However, he did not take any credit on the kind deeds but gave the recognition to her mother. Moreover, his parents describe him as the youngest sibling who was always willing to share everything with his older brothers and sisters. This inspires me to be kind and to always take care of the needs of the less-privileged in the society.

Kim was a brave young man who took responsibility for his actions. This was portrayed when his composer copied a Japanese song and offered it to Kim. On recording, the song faced criticism from the media and the general public. However, Suh Yeong, the producer, denied the claim. As a result, Kim decided to retire from his music career. One of the vital lessons that one can learn from Kim is the importance of upholding integrity as well as applying ethics in the workplace or career. The scenario helped me to cultivate the culture of open-mindedness and honesty. In spite of falling him, Kim gave Suh a large amount of money as a gift during his wedding. This was a kind gesture that displayed Kim as an appreciative person.

Likewise, Kims success in two different fields exhibits his ability to multitask and perform excellently. He was able to manage the two fields differently in a professional way .Amazingly, Kim was always energized every time he was performing in stage. The vigor is also reflected in his videos. This was a unique case in the Korean entertainment industry where most participants could not thrive in multiple fields. These capabilities enabled him to flourish and exploit his talent. Moreover, his achievements indicate that hard work and commitment are important factors for success.

Kims entire life inspires me to be hardworking, passionate and generous. His success in music and acting challenges me to utilize my potential. Moreover, his humility and concern for the underprivileged in the society is an inspiration to the public and other musicians. Importantly, Kim impacted me through the message in his songs.

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