Essay Sample: My First Internship at One of the Countys Best Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing Firms

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Date:  2021-06-01

Someone was smart enough to suggest that the apple does not fall far from the tree. That is true especially how an individuals character shape the language articulated around them. Names, in particular, are so much suggestive of a personality. This has nothing to do with those names given by parents at their happiest moments of their lives but all that happens within our workstations, classrooms, and recreation centers. It is somehow fun and interesting to refer to someone in a language term reflecting their personality. However, this may take a sour twist when you receive one that depicts your negative behavior or something discriminatory. At some point in life, any individual has received a name representing their behavior. To others, these names have stuck with them and even penetrated beyond their immediate circle of friends to their areas of the profession.

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Having my first internship at one of the countys best breakfast cereal manufacturing firms was going to a good cause for me and my career exploits. A couple of times that year I had met senior students who had been at Kellog. Hearing their experience at the firm was inspiring as that sounded like something I wanted to be part. My three-month-long summer experience as a marketing department intern was just beginning, and I could not let any of it off.

Within the first week of the internship, I got to meets both senior and junior staff member with whom we would work. Everyone except the departmental manager seemed interested at the prospect a new team member. They took me through all the mandatory orientation as I prepared to take up my new role. It did not occur to me that the managers cold personality and reaction towards me had something to do with his personality. I thought most probably that was the way bosses were supposed to behave towards new employees, especially interns who may sometimes be mischievous and ill-mannered. At least each company needed that person who would stand up against unruly behavior exhibited by some junior staff members.

One particular morning after reporting to work, one of the senior staff members came over and signaled me to her desk. You must be surprised of Mr. Nerd, she cheekily muttered in a low tone. Who is that? I asked filled with suspicion and surprise in equal measure. This place was not for such individuals. Our new boss, ever tried him? She further, explained how they used to cope up with their new manager. He was that hard to approach bosses you had to brace up yourself to talk to about issues. She told me, he was all about the office business and never really had time to share tables with his juniors other than for official reasons. I immediately grasped the meaning of his attitude towards me and others around. I felt like I could walk straight to him and have a few clarifications with him on this, but that was a bad wish.

My first time encountering real nerds was in my first year in college. I had heard a few classmates in campus being referred to as nerds, but I did not expect to meet another who had completely no appeal for a social life. To them, all they knew is all they needed for their college life and did not bother to link up with us on any social platforms. Their talk was formed upon academics and nothing else. Well, facing my summer internship, I did not know that our new boss could pull off a nerds character.

This experience became the second time that I had encountered someone who was referred to as a nerd, and it was unfortunate that this time it affected my life very much. In school, some of our classmates had acclimatized themselves to that term and could respond whenever you called them nerds. In fact, some had found pimped alternatives and sweet sounding memes that they could respond. An extrovert like myself I had no problems calling my fellows nerds, but my new boss was an exception. On a daily basis, almost every staff within our department had made an attempt to refer to him by that name. It is true he was the bad boss who enjoyed leading people the hard way; someone who gave no room for an excuse. However, but that must have been too rude on him. In several instances, he had given me that long lecture for missing a call from his office desk and almost sent me away for missing my tie on the companys official tour.

I have since then been wondering if this was an inborn and genuine personality or just something he took up to ascertain authority in his role. All along, I had been a tormentor of our class nerds, but for three months I was at the very receiving end of a nerds character. If myself as an intern had felt so much victimized by his anti-social traits, how about people who were directly under his authority like his children? Probably, Fathers Day means something else and family picnic makes no sense to them. I bet he enjoyed it although this was not polite to him. This was not like one of the coolest names your pals shout across the street and deep within you exclaim; Boy, thats my name!

The term Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a nerd as someone bearing an unstylish, unattractive, and socially inept character. Such individuals are usually drawn into their academic and intellectual interests. To them being a nerd is a normality and do uphold it as a means to achievement and satisfaction in their various fields of interest. Others have loved it being referred to as nerds because unlike other terms pointing at behavior piggy, the tag has a sense of positive personality. At least everyone would be proud to be known for some seriousness when it matters most.

Just like the marketing department boss did have no objection at his nerd tag, all individuals who have been unlucky enough to bear such a name should stay grounded and upbeat. One thing about such names is that there is always room to make improvement and get out of the nerd group. At least that offers hope for individuals who are nerds out of their desire and strive to come out of it. As for me, I would rather be the whistle or drum in the team than be the nerd as it is more profitable to have an all round social life. It is the existence of such terms that makes a living and social life interesting and fun-filled.

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