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Every organisation requires a steady framework for carrying out their chores. Members of such organisations are destined to make a general distinction between what is expected and what is not. As a result, the creation of groups is the best alternative for such culminating. Groups allow people to share their ideas and formulate a stable frame. The choice of this chapter is, therefore, remarkably significant as it provides every person with an opportunity to build their confidence in their duties. For instance, the creation of groups allows clinicians to have an ethical responsibility of advocating for effective therapy. The general public is also adequately educated through these groups in a proper manner without hindering their setup. This paper focuses on discussing important reflection aspects in reading a particular content.

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The chapter "Creation of the Group: Place, Time, Size and Preparation," discusses the importance of convening a group as well as factors that must be considered before a decision is made. It allows the practitioners to negotiate their relationships with the third party payer. Creation of groups provides a platform where different discussions can be done. However, Physical setting where the debate is to take place must be able to afford freedom and privacy from distraction (Yalom, 2015).

Similarly, the institutional setting must allow both the therapist and the administration to have a unified understanding of time and space. Notably, in open group, changes are possible whereas in closed the same is not possible as members occasionally have time for intense discussion. Moreover, duration and frequency are equally important in all groups. The chapter indicates that all groups must be timed based on the concentration level of members. The time should not be jeopardised to satisfy the need of a particular group member but for the success of the whole group. The content further addresses the importance of having a proper plan for a group discussion

Reading through the chapter, it is clear that the author is aware of what is being discussed. The research is adequate, and the approach given to the creation of the group as the subject matter reveals that the author has a vast knowledge of what is being addressed. Similarly, the author also used several illustrations and examples to make the points more comprehensive and easy to follow. For instance, in discussing the different types of psychotherapy groups, the author provided enough evidence that separates the two.

Similarly, the chapter increased my awareness in understanding group psychotherapy; the section addressed specific ideas that are crucial for the success of every group discussion but are always assumed by group leaders (Yalom, 2015). Every group aims to reach a common goal and accomplish a particular mission. As a result, based on these fascinating issues, the author provides specific issues to be addressed as well as the time frame for discussion. Group psychotherapy, requires proper planning, both in terms of physical setting, duration and frequency of happening. If these factors are adequately addressed, all the operations and activities that will come after must be addressed with proper attention and keenness.

Additionally, the perception of group psychotherapy is maximally shaped. Reading through the content reveals interesting ideas and consideration that must be addressed before conveying a group discussion. Regardless of whether the group is closed or open, the group must be able to accept or reject members. Similarly, the nature of the group determines its functionality and all members must be made aware of the replacing process of members. All the misconceptions that always bar people from transgressing adequately into the discussion process are addressed in the content. For instance, it reveals the importance of time a psychotherapy group.

Personal Experience

In terms of personal experience, the content reveals that adversely reveals that the success of every psychotherapy group depends on several factors that must be addressed before the formulation of the process (Yalom, 2015). The association and relationship that one has towards a particular concept are best addressed with a stipulated time to make it worthwhile a comprehensive. However, any attempts to omit certain factors may hinder the success of the decision making in group discussion. The author revealed that the variation of frequency in psychotherapy session must be agreed upon by all members and the issues to be addressed must be time to allow members to go for important points rather than useless yapping.

Emotional Arousal

The content arouses emotions and changed the perception with which group discussion has been viewed. It transgresses over several aspects which make the group credible as well as their importance. The common emotions that content arouses include trust and happiness. Trust is portrayed in the different types of groups, closed and open. It is prudent for the group leader to make other members believe in him or her on all occasions. The leader's deeds must portray coherence and level of maturity in handling issues within the group. Significantly, the content allows readers to juxtapose between the perceived problems and the relationship that each member have towards the success of group creation.

Like and Dislikes From the Content

The diction used in the contents makes it very easy to read and understand the author's primary intentions. The author also uses a proper outline, every sub-topic addressing a specific issue, thus easy to follow. Similarly, the use of a correct point of view in discussing the duration and frequency that a meeting should take as well as the inclusion of past evidence makes the content concrete and worthwhile. However, the author fails to address the adverse effects of poorly organised group discussion. It was only centralised on the positive sides thus failing to give a large balance on the ethos.

Lessons From the Content

The inception of any group requires proper attention and consideration of several factors. Regardless of the type of a group, open or closed the group leader must be in charge of ensuring all members feel part of the discussion process (Yalom, 2015). Similarly, the duration and frequency of the group determine its credibility. A proper agreement must be done between members and officials on the frequency and duration of the discussion to make it worthwhile and stable.

Personal Evaluation

The content adequately met the expectations of group psychotherapy. It addresses crucial issues that must be observed for the success of such a meeting. For instance, time, size, place and preparation for the creation of a group are well elaborated (Yalom, 2015). The explanation of these factors shows their importance in formulating a group discussion process.


In conclusion, the content discussed different types of groups and their credibility in decision making. A group can either be open or closed depending on the designation of the leader. However, the difference also indicates the number of times members are supposed to meet and the ideas they to address within the available time. Overall, the success of every group depends on the consistency in addressing vital aspects which are related to the time, physical setting, preparation and size as well as members available.


Yalom, I. D. (2015). The theory and practice of group psychotherapy. Basic Books (AZ).

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