New York Toy Fair: An Unforgettable Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-09


I attended the New York Toy Fair and undoubtedly, this is was a scintillating experience. I had never attended such an international event before and this gave the feeling I had wished to have all my life. I had heard of them even from the media but I never got the experience and had been looking forward to this experience for ages. As I came to learn of it, the New York Toy Fair is an event that brings together different manufacturers and allows them to showcase as well as release their best toys to the market ("Toy Fair"). Besides, it also gives the selected few an opportunity to have a look at new toys with the latest designs before the rest of the world can see them. I lack the best words to explain the experience but I would say it was something out of this world! There were both passive viewers and exhibitors who had come there to trade as well as network for their productions. In there, it looked like an extension of an exclusive club as people were busy moving up and down. I got a chance of walking around and admiring the retro toys like the CareBears and Stickle Bricks.

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International events enable exhibitors to showcase their items (Sankrusme, 2017). I visited one of the stands labeled Cloud B and I loved their products a lot. The staff on the stand welcomed us warmly and was gracious and friendly. On this stand, I got to have a look at the "Cloud B Turtle" nightlight which had the privilege of having since birth. Here, I bought a few items and left feeling on top of the world. After here, I moved to the Orchard Toys stand which also had mesmerizing toys. My eyes remained fixed at a large jigsaw which was displayed here and it had clear Perspex flooring which I considered nifty and magnificent. I bet this was not a normal experience for me as I had never in my life seen such amazing toys. Although I was a fan of toys since a young age and had seen several of them in the shops, the New York Toy Fair presented me with an experience of life which I will never forget. Even at old age, this event will remain nostalgic.

The main topic of discussion at the event was about toys and the way the manufacture of toys had revolutionized. Most of the people were amazed at how manufacturers were making the use of technology to come up with better and more appealing toys. I did not feel uncomfortable at the event because everything was exciting. I spent most of my time moving from one stand to the other one as I enjoyed the creativity with which the developers were making toys. Some of the new things I learned in the event is that toys can be used to communicate. There were some toys which spoke certain words when one pressed them. I remember there was one in the Orchard Toys yard which said "Hello" to anyone who held it by its back. I plan to incorporate such knowledge in my life since it is a way of adding value to the things that one produces. One of the global issues that this experience brought touched greatly on social issues, mostly on family relations. There were toys which depicted how happy families live together and help each other in various chores. This experience brought many people together who shared diverse cultural backgrounds. All these people were able to interact harmoniously sharing their experiences of the event.

The New York Toy Fair will help me become a global citizen because I was able to see toys made from other countries and I appreciated them. This event put in me the urge to visit those countries so that I can experience their diverse cultures, innovativeness, and creativity. This event greatly changed my perception of international business. Previously, I thought that international business involved a few people from different nationalities coming together for the sake of business. However, this event taught me that international business is just as large as the local markets where a lot of people come together to share their products. One thing I would like to learn about international business is how to network with people who are far away from where you are. Since I had not acquired the skill of making connections and networking, I did not connections with internationals. This experience taught me the importance of appreciating the diversity of others and I would be interested to work as an expatriate in another country. My experience of international business is that the business world has changed and variety and diversity can only be achieved if people engage in international business. The international business ensures there is a diversity of products (Ajami, & Goddard, 2015). Thus, for those who are working in international business, they need to reap big by engaging other international business people as this will become a source of new clients for their goods and services.


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