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Date:  2021-05-21

Bitch, being an independent and quarterly magazine, but also has a blog, bitchmedia.org, and together, are published by Bitch Media, a non-profit feminist media company. The organization is mainly dedicated to provide and to encourage a thoughtful, engaged, and feminist response to popular culture and mainstream media. For this reason, it is actively involved in the analysis of current, cultural, social, and political events, movies, advertising, music, television shows, as well as artworks from a feminist perspective. However, while Bitch Media identifies as a feminist blog concerned with intersections of gender and race, the posts in this blog never really address transgender rights, what feminists look like, sex versus gender, or transgender terminology.

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Feminism, which is central to this blog, is a belief that women and men are inherent of equal worth (Hobbs & Rice, 2013). In essence, as the researchers noted, most societies privilege men as a group, but social movements are necessary in achieving equality between women and men, and the understanding of gender will always intersect with other social hierarchies. The blog does not take into consideration of equality between men and women. For instance, regarding the election campaigns, the blog talks of what will happen when Hillary Clinton is elected the president come November. However, it does not focus on what men will gain when she is elected the president, and for this reason, the blog does not take feminism into account. In addition, the blog advocates for Hilary Clintons message to Americans that Donald Trump, who is her competitor from the Republican Party is deplorable, racist, and has Islamophobia. It can be derived that the blog makes intersectionality between race, gender, and class. As such, the blog does not have respect for race and religion and tends to be biased against Donald Trump. For this reason, since the blog does not address the issue of ender versus sex, as shown in Trump and Clintons campaign, it does not address feminist ideologies and ideas, as orchestrated by Hillary. It is proof that as Hobbs and Rice (2013) asserts, people ignore intersecting hierarchies and create a feminism that serves the interests of women who have more privilege and promote social inequalities that in turn disadvantage men and women in the name of improving opportunities for women.

In addition, the blog does not address transgender rights and transgender terminology. As per the survivor project, trans people do not identify as a male of female and break away from societal expectations. According to Hobbs and Rice (2013), the term transgender is still burdened by various hurdles, and there is a weak and strong version of the solution. For the strong version, it entails everyone who rubs against gender roles in life while the weaker one, transgender includes cross-dressers and transsexuals, and also butch/femmes, intersexual, and effeminate gay men among other groups. However, the blog does not cover their rights and ways to mitigate the public dislike owing to the political and social problems they face, and most importantly, the tendency of these groups to make natural allies and enemies. The blog does not talk about how they are underrepresented politically, as well as the lack of adequate recognition of the T in LGBT activism, and thus, fails to voice equality for all sexes and genders (Renn, 2007). According to Wilchins (2003), transgender people have always been around, but as gayness and gender became separated, and in many countries, including America, the term is rarely used. These aspects have not been covered in the blog, and does not articulate the rights of these individuals. Therefore, it can be concluded that Bitch Media is concerned with intersections of gender and race, the posts in this blog never really address transgender rights, what feminists look like, sex versus gender, or transgender terminology.


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