Film Analysis Essay on Ghosts of Mississippi

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Date:  2022-10-03


The movie "Ghosts of Mississippi" is a true story that narrates how Bobby Delaughter (Assistant District Attorney) is trying for the third time bringing a trial to a white Supremacist murderer Byron De La Beckwith (James Woods) to conclusion for gunning down of civil rights activist in Mississippi Medgar Evers on 12th June 1963, that is 30 years after the incidence. Whoopi Goldberg (Myrlie Evers) playing as the widow of Evers has been keeping the case alive for the last 30 years believing she has facts and evidence to ensure her husband gets justice even if he is dead. Though most of the evidence from the previous trials have disappeared, Bobby promises to help the widow as much as he can even if it means affecting his political ambitions and family particularly his marriage.

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The movie demonstrates how political systems interfere with social justice. The system is corrupt with little efforts given to ensure justice prevails. For those who decide to follow the path of justice, they are faced with blackmail and threats in their careers.

The movie is equipped with humor especially with offensive statements, figurative statements, and irony. The drama helps to bring the theme very well.

For instance, conversation between Bobby Delaughter and Charlie Crisco where Bobby says that he thinks that Myrlie Evers keeping the case alive for so long despite Medgar Evers being dead must be so much love and Charlie replies by saying he can't understand that since he has been unable to love or loved by any woman yet he is still alive. This means he can't see sense in keeping the matter alive yet the person in discussion died 30 years ago. On the hand, it shows what affection is in marriage. Love does not die on death, but a person still holds on the good memories they shared.

Another incidence that caught my attention is a conversation between Bobby and Byron De La Beckwith where Byron tell Bobby that he did not bring down a deer when he killed Medgar but a human being, Bobby scoffs saying that a deer is a beautiful animal which is a God's creature, but he did not kill that beautiful creature and says a nigger is another matter. This interesting because what Bobby is simply implying is that Medgar being a nigger is beautiful neither is he God's creature. When asked if he killed Medgar, he does not confess but adds that he is sure the nigger is never coming back. Besides, Byron brags to Bobby that he will not be able to get twelve juries to convict him of murder - killing a nigger in Mississippi, and he is going to be set free sooner or later, go back to his home in Signal Mountain, sit on his porch and live his remaining days in peace day and night. When he adds Almighty God to his statements that is both ironic and humorous. How can you claim God is great yet you are escaping justice?

When Charlie says that he would snap Byron's chicken neck with his bare hands when put in the same room, that is humorous. First, how can you compare the human neck to chicken's? Secondly, the guy killed your father, is that not enough to instill fear? Charlie is expressing her frustration and anger towards Byron.

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