History of Government Dynasties of China Essay Example

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The Quin and the First Emperor (221 BCE)

It was in 221 BC that the Chinese people were unified. This happened when the state Qin dissolved the last of its Rivals. It is then that the king took the title Shi Huangdi and makes Qins centralized, in the bureaucratic system of his own emperor. Centralization main aim was to enforce the legal codes as well as a set of procedures and follow up which includes in scroll writing and coinages. In order to achieve unification, legalism advocated by draconian laws were implemented. The laws were seen to be ruthless but it served good use to suppress dissent. Fortification that had long separated Warring state were destroyed by Shi Huangdi. However, this fortification was merged to form a 2100km wall to prevent any intrusion. This wall marks the beginning of Great Wall of China that was to further extend to 5000km during the reign of Ming Dynasty. Shi Huangdi died 11 years later after successive unification and was buried in a royal tomb with an extraordinary army of 8000.

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Sui Dynasty (589-618 CE)

It was during this reign that Chinese people were reunified by Sui in the Northern part. This reign mark important history of China because of completion of Grand Canal linking the known Yellow river and Yangtze basin in the aim to facilitate transportation of grains which were traded in the Northern Capital of Luoyang. Scholars noted that the initial project complete in 605 CE connecting already constructed sections. Starting from the Wu kingdom era. In the beginning, the canal was around 1000km long, later on, it extends to the total of about 2500 km extending and reaching Beijing through the invention of pound locks. Sui rulers were mainly interested in expanding borders by constantly campaigning on a strong military. the strategy was successful in the south. However, it comes to fall as result of defeat from Koreans and last Sui Emperor killed.

Tang dynasty 618-907 CE

This dynasty is referred by the researchers and scholars as one of the highest civilization points in Chinese history. Tang dynasty capital was called Chang'an current is known as Xi'an. its geographical boundary extends to Korea situated at the east of China to South which is currently known to be Vietnam. The main aim of extension to extending their corridors to modern day Afghanistan was to be able to control the silk road. by around 700 A.D Chang'an was famously known to be the richest and far more the largest city in the world. Merchant across the world thronged in the capital of Tang, they include; Indians, Persians, Japanese, Syrians, and Koreans

It was during this dynasty where there was relative freedom to women's, as a resulting from the rise of a woman emperies called Wu Chao becoming the first woman to be empress. At the age of 13, as she was recruited, she gains popularity because of her beauty that is seen to draw her favor from the emperor. Later on, get favor also from the son Emperor Gaozong. Historians later describe being cunning as well as ruthless. The claims are that she disposes of rivalry by murdering his own son to give a claim that the rivalry had killed him. Wu becomes emperor wife and when he ailed from stoke, she was able to take over the reign of the Tang government. Later when the Emperor dies, it is believed that she went ahead to poison the eldest son in order to rule as regent to the younger. She, later on, announced herself as ruling Empress. according to the modern view, she is considered as one of the most brilliant of all Chinese Emperors. During her reign, of 21 years, it is marked with greatest expansion of Tang's military power as well as its economy. As a devoted Buddhist, she committed herself to build many Monasteries.

The Han dynasty

The Han dynasty can be considered as the longest dynasty. Han took over from the Qin dynasty because the dynasty was very cruel. During Han time advanced tool such as the wheelbarrow and the pulls were used to move goods. There was the employment of hammered trip which was powered by water. During the ham period, economic taxation had gradually improved even though the government had overall control of the taxation and trade. there was some significant economic achievement as the improvement of the transport system which led to trade routes which increased the prosperity in the economy and trade. This also led to improving cultural exchanged. Hence during the period, there was a tremendous improvement in weapons and luxury goods. During the dynasty, art had increased and through trading, the literature had also improved. During the time of Han, there was a tremendous increase in class in ancient society. The upper class involved a group of individuals who were merchants and literate men. There problems with the Han dynasty by the fact that the government monopolized any approach and discriminated the merchants not allowing them to own property and killing any entrepreneurs and hence led to a slow state of economic growth.

Period of Disunion

After the fall of the Han dynasty in the year 220AD. THE Disunion period continued over 350 years. During their period there was an achievement in the unification of the Chinese. Through the period there were lots of achievement and accomplishment. There was new invention such as stirrup for the horse. There where kite and wooden-ox. There was also an improvement in literature and learning. During this time the government was less organized as you compare it with the Han dynasty. During the time local warlord became the primary power source. During the disunion period art continued to improvement artists such as poetry and calligraphy and even painting. The corruption at the time was rampant, massive exploitation by the warlords and there was misread of people interest by the warlords. There was the rapid growth of religion and integration among the people and led to the promotion of growth and acceptance.


In conclusion, there have been many changes in Chinese culture. As seen in the discussion above the cultural change started from the medieval times. Even though some time like the Warring States Era they were major disadvantage which led to the downfall of the culture. However, the positive impact has become a significant contribution to the modern say Chinese community. As discussed above very era has major significance in the in the improvement of the modern day pollical, economical and the social-cultural heritage of the Chinese people today. Reflecting on the grow and fall of different dynasties led to the improvement of the modern system from the mistake made by people of the past and hence it was essential to get us to where we are today. Looking at modern China there Is still a significant correlation with the dynasty and hence essential factors for economic growth such as unity have and trading has been well implemented.


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