Isolation the Elderly Research Paper

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Date:  2022-09-10


Aging can be considered as a universal phenomenon which every human goes through all along their lifespan. Every human has high expectation in the aspect of health and life a happy life but not many of the old people get to this reality. In the current decade, there Is the rapid change in different scenarios in the aspect of raising the old people as compare to before. Many developing countries all over the world like Africa and Asian countries a middle east are rapidly affected by different global changes. According to the current drive of trying to help the old live longer, there are fears that this effort seems to be a strategy to create a high rate of loneliness and isolation. In this paper, I will focus on the isolation of the elderly in most of the world and the impact they have on the old people. The paper will give a clear literature review on the reason, effect and also the cause of the alleviated issue in the world. This issue of elderly Is an area of interest particularly to be as I have grown in a rural area with my grandparents and hence have a chance to present my elderly parents.

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According to a john burke (2017) on the issue of "effect that isolation has to the elderly". According to his finding, he found out that accessibility is one that is vital in the aspect of facilitating an excellent social contact with the elderly. Hence the reason why people who had difficulty to access transport resulted in the being lonely. And hence it mostly not possible to attest that those people who live in the urban area have a chance of being paid. He goes ahead to state that the elderly can sometimes contribute to their loneliness as they are never ready to speak out instead the keep encouraging social interaction in urban areas.

John Burke goes ahead to explain the reason why elderly people in the current generation are being isolated. In his reasoning, he explains that some elderly parent is in isolation if they lose their spouse and they might be childless. Isolation has many effects according to Burke he explains that loneliness is, of course, the main effect of elderly isolation. He states that the rate of loneliness is worse in the modern generation as it was in the 60s, 80, and 90s. He stated isolation is severe and can cause depression to the elderly people and other isolation related diseases and this is due to the lousy quality of life.

According to Burke isolation affect all people but its worse for the elderly. He concluded by stating that there is a need for the development of government organization like HSE to care for elderly people. He states that day caring center can be essential to reduce the rate of isolation.

According to Howard Gleckman (2017) in his article "isolation of the elderly and the risk associated". Howard goes on to state that those elderly who are isolated are more likely to die off due to illnesses sooner than expected. According to the article, the author ties the explain that about 14% in a research that was carried out showed that people who were affected were the white males who had little to no contact with their children or even their relative.

According to the research, these people were more likely to have depression and also difficulties in trying to manage their daily activities. Howard goes to explain that Medicare for the isolated is relatively higher than for those who are not isolated. The article stated that Medicare spent over $1,600. This was as a result that these people were more like to be hospitalized and the hospital stay was approximately costlier or perhaps it was as a result of the fact, they were not discharged quicker than the others. The article doesn't conclude that isolation is the actual cause of death. But he states it could be essential to come with solutions and provide reliable steps to help the needy. Which could save cost and reduce Medicare expenses? Howard provides the solution for isolation in the aspect of the elderly making connections to provide support. The article also gives a solution to moving these elderlies to place with other elderly people.

According to an article on "the quality of life with the elderly" published in 2017, the author stated that loneliness is one of the causes of impaired life quality and also greater medical institutional care and this result to an increased mortality. According to the article Over the year's loneliness has been used as an indicator to show the quality of life the people live. The article states that this aspect of isolation has been poorly addressed in modern society. According to the article, it was founded that loneliness was mainly attributed to the fact there was poor subjective health.

It also found that the activity limitation and also cognitive functions did not affect the elderly loneliness. The article also stated that environmental support is some of the core factors which affect that cause loneliness. The article goes to explain the strategies that can be used to address the factor of isolation for all the old people. There is the need for the elderly involvement in all aspect of developing or even planning and even delivery of various activities that could target the social isolation of the loneliness. the article also addresses the need for the availability of service that can cater for the old people who are impaired and have been isolated in life.

Social isolation has been something of main focus lately according to researchers and scholars as well as policymakers shift of attention has majorly been directed social isolation especially to the seniors. This issue has been given a priority in countries such as Canada, where the isolation of the elderly has been a rampant and rooted problem (Sollecito, 2015). According to the article, social isolation in the United Kingdom has feature also to experience the same problem. Regardless of setback, sufficient measures have been put into considerations such as dissemination and distribution of research knowledge. Furthermore, the other approach is to provide information to a service organization in an aim to approach the issue. This issue has hit the headlines showing the degree of concern it needs to the general public.

Social isolation has always given a dilution of loneliness in a way, this term has been used in various languages in our daily life activities. Researchers have pointed out that the two concept requires differentiation.

The social isolation is always a result of a person having less interaction with others. This can also be referred to as an objective part. Meanwhile, loneliness can be expressed as a subjective distress caused by lacking enough people to interact with. Loneliness has a causative agent which is related to maladaptive thoughts about personal self and others (Weldrick, R. &Grenier, A. 2018). The article state that literature has formed a modest way to demonstrate both social isolations as well as loneliness to pose a health risk to an individual. For instance, meta-analysis provides the result of study between social isolation and mortality.

The reports show that interaction with other people in a social environment would result in low mortality rates risk. Based on the findings the authors come into a conclusion that lack of social interaction and relationship is considered an influential factor when it comes to mortality risk. It is evident that lonely adult is likely to die sooner and decline of their mobility compared to those with the company and are not lonely.

Though drive to help the elder people in our current society have been rampant, it has escalated the rate of isolation and loneliness instead. (Weldrick, R. &Grenier, A. 2018) focus to help the elderly have remained constant all-over different society, the main aim is to ensure that the physical health of the respondent has been met to the later.

It is clear without such social and health intervention, they are exposed to high risk of loneliness and isolation leading to adverse side effects. According to the author, the act of loneliness is brought about by living alone, having disabilities and health problem related to old age as well as impairment of sensory organs such as hearing loss. Apart from that, losing their lovely spouses has left the elderly vulnerable to emotional and social isolation.

This article went ahead to elaborate how the worst-case scenario happens as a result of social isolation and loneliness. For instance, if there is a communication breakdown especially with the family and friends or even moving into an unfamiliar area of resident and neighborhood. It happens to be the same when the whole family member moves in seek of work or any personal reasons, growing children and loss of a close friend. Therefore, the emphasis of elderly to be independent in such case increases social disruption, instability, feeling of insecurity and rise in physical isolation.

According to (Zohre, M., & Ali, N. 2018), the researcher has studied and found out that elders are vulnerable to abuse. The investigation shows a clear connection between social isolation together with the increasing rates of abuse among the elderly. Though it is not satisfied, elderly people are prone to fall victims of abuse.

Another causative agent can be the deliberate isolation of elders by the abusers as they tried to put them behind the shadow. This particular vulnerability of the elder irrespective of their cause forms a significant concern. Nevertheless, various studies have pointed out loneliness to result to depression which is a significant risk factor. This factor has increased symptoms of depression among the middle age and also the older adults. An adult who is socially isolated is more likely to predict their life quality to either get worse or get better. They have a mindset of depending on the community program when they get older to a point of being helpless. The need for home care is an excellent step for long-term care of the elderly.

The article (Lin, M. 2018) depicts the need to stop the isolation of the elderly. It is evident that isolation leads to loneliness. The author state that, it easy to spot a lonely face since they are everywhere in our environment; on benches in the park, on the rocking chairs, feeding caged bird on their lawns, alone on the balcony of a building. In this article, they have to define loneliness as an act of deprivation and feeling of sadness as well as emptiness. The sense of isolation is much felt especially during holidays more than on daily basis.

Otherwise, loneliness should not be taken for granted since it has an adverse effect with serious consequences which comprise of; dependent traits, depression, suicidal thoughts, disorders in eating practice and insomnia problem (Sollecito, 2015). the article describes the causes of loneliness and isolation to be; constant changing living environment, loss of chain of the network from, fear of becoming a burden to others, finding difficulties in communication, children moving away from home especially when attending schools and the fear involved of falling and going out. Perhaps to be able to conquer isolation and loneliness, teamwork should be incorporated.

According to the Council of the American Medical Society on Scientific Affairs (1987), the abuse of the elderly has taken several forms and also definitions which can be defined as follows: any commission or any omission which can cause harm or threat that threatens the health and benefits of the elderly. The Select elderly Committee on Aging nominates the following categories of abuse: physical abuse, also Abandonment, can also consider emotional and financial abuse, and personal negligence.

In its most cases use, elder abuse is a comprehensive term that represents all forms of ill-treatment or a...

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