Libbey Inc: E-Business Strategies

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Date:  2021-05-26

E-business also known as electronic business is the conducting of business activities via the internet.

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Libbey Inc. based in the United States in a state known as Ohio is the number one glassware company in America and one of the largest tableware suppliers in the world. They are known for turning moments into celebrations. Their designs produce high quality table ware including: glassware, home decor and many more. Libbey has built several consumers and trade brands which have become household names in many countries. Their core development lies in the core strengths in glass development and manufacturing, along with an extensive product portfolio that reaches around the globe in diverse markets and segments.

Libbey Inc. has been successful due to some factors like value propositions. Value propositions refer the products as well as services, which provide value for a particular client base (Alter, 2001). They do so by offering solutions to client problems and giving them satisfaction. This is a bundle of benefits that the company offers the customer (Amit & Zott, 2011).

The companys website has been designed beautifully with various features that are attractive to the clients. There is an online live support that handles clients problems instantly. It also offers advice to the clients on their challenge or dilemmas. Clients are also able to post their reviews about the products on the website, a feature which many websites do not allow.

In addition, there are product listings on the website whereby the clients can view a variety of products and services and they choose the ones that they feel are good for them or that they desire. The product and service listings are also accompanied by their descriptions and prices to give them easy time. This is an advantage because they clients to some extend are given the power and opportunity to decide for themselves (Kalakota & Robinson, 2009).


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In order to catch the attention of users or clients, it is very important to design a high quality website with a very captivating interface. This is what attracts the clients and the Liberty website has done exactly that. The choice of colouring and words used to describe the products are simple and clear.

In addition, the order management is also up to-date since everything that one sees on the website is available. Anything that has been purchases and is out of stock is removed from the list immediately and only updated when it is available. This is an advantage and also shows honesty as well as reliability on the part of the company because the clients are able to get what they see. This is what builds and enhances customer loyalty that has helped the company to grow steadily.

The website is also connected to social media websites for the purposes of giving it a wider coverage. On the lower side of the website, these are links of different social media platforms that users can click to follow and like their pages such as Twitter and Facebook. With this era of social media book, it was only wise for the designers of the website to include such features.

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