Organizational Control Effects on US Companies: A Case Study - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-09


Organizational controls have various side effects on the operations of different companies in United States of America. Machine Bureaucracies are very rigid in United States of America (Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn & Ostborn, 2014). Organizational control involves policies, rules, operational procedures, and systems. the policies applied in the United States Postal Service interfere with the performances of the workers, for example, the policy of client prioritization undermine with the opinions of the employees in the organization. this paper provides insightful information about the side effects of organizational controls in large mechanistically companies like United States Postal Service and Costco.

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The processes and activities in the United States Postal Service are simplified and broken down. The simplification of processes and activities in the USPS creates work monotony in the company; therefore, affecting operational performances. Monotony results because the activities and processes performed in the USPS are the same all day and every day. Some of the activities that are regularly undertaken in the USPS include selling of stamps, loading & unloading, sorting, weighing packages, and delivering. There are no activities that require specialized skills in the USPS. The workers are interchanged and easily replaced in the workplace; therefore, affecting organizational performances. Also, there is a lack of a clear cut between the experienced and newly recruited employees in the USPS organization. The job requirements are also rigid; therefore, interfering with effective workplace motivation. Organizational controls also affects technology and interfere with promotional opportunities in USPS. The use of an outdated technology in USPS affects its performances. Lack of promotional opportunities also affects the employee performances in the organization.

Another mechanistically structured business company that is affected by organizational controls is Costco Company. Costco is comparable to the USPS because of its ability to provide a lot of employment opportunities to many people; therefore, improving the American GDP per capita (Brooks, 2010). Costco is one of the wholesale companies in United States of America that has been affected by its routine processes and activities. Costco is involved in the production, distribution, and sale of construction materials. Some of the processes like transportation, sorting, and packaging of construction materials creates monotony in Costco Company. Costco Company considers the needs and opinions of the customers (Brooks, 2010). Overemphasizing on the interests of the consumers also affects the performances of the company because it limits the operations of the employees. to conclude, organizational controls affects the performances of large mechanistically companies in United States of America.


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