Maglev Train Project Report

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Date:  2022-09-23


As the world changes and transforms, it is essential to ensure that we do not forget our heritage and culture. The world we live in has gone through intense changes that have seen a complete transformation of the earth as it was one hundred years ago. Indeed, much of the stories that our elders tell us are of a happier time when there was ice, great nations and people lived on the surface of the earth and only used the ocean for travel, swimming, and fishing. These are all caught on tape, and the world reminisces of a time like that. Fast forward to this period; we are on the brink of creating new maglev trains that are designed relating to cultures preexistent before our time. For this case, the cultures and traditions of Scotland were to be captured in the group's design. This report aims at presenting the project goals and inspirations, and any problems, solutions or interesting points encountered along the way as well as explaining how the train operates.

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The Maglev train is a train that utilizes magnetic levitation to move without any contact with the guideway. As such, this system uses little friction forces, lifting the train using magnetism and allows for high speeds. It is a system design that was crafted in the 21st-century trains and was popularized by Japan which was one of the invention and innovation leading nations in the past world. It involves an engine car and two passenger cars. The engine car is 28m long with a nose section of 15m and carries 15 people whereas the passenger cars are 24m long sitting 68 passengers. The cars are connected by a linking section 0.5m long and are 4m high and 4m wide. The maglev mechanism is at the bottom of the car. The Scottish design will be incorporated into many elements of the plan.

According to history, Scottish traditions had castles strewn all over the landscape and the noblemen especially royalty dwelt in these castles. They are an important depiction of Scottish culture and will be used for the design. For the exterior of the train, the engine car will have a castle-like image which will give travelers a picture of a castle arriving at the station every time it moves in. Continuing with the Scottish architectural design, the doors of the train will be in the shape of an arch similar to those found in castles. These will be made to look rugged with tensile steel and aged wood that depict an image of Scotland. Even with these traditional elements, LED panels will be placed at the top of the castle-like tower as well as all around the body to show that modernity is still incorporated in the design. The panels will be used for advertisement as well as to light up every time the trains pulls up. They could also have a form of stone structure design and look like an old castle as the train moves around the tunnels. Other than that, there could be the addition of particular round carriage like wheels created and put around the train to depict an image of somewhat of a horse carriage considering that in the era of the Vikings, horse carriages were used.

Inside the train, more work will go into every element transforming it and making it Scottish. All the fixtures and fittings will need to give an impression of Scotland. The ceiling will have wood paneling with a Scottish feel, the seats that are back to back seating four people each will need to be upholstered with material designed to match the Scottish quilt with pleats and checked patterns all around. These will be incorporated in all the seats in the train.


Addition of these configurations to the existing design may be difficult as the train may be too heavy with the extra additions. It is important that these are taken into account, and simple light material can be used for the design. It is important to consider also that the castle structure could affect the aerodynamic design that makes it fast and could be looked into. It is also important to ensure that it can fit in the transit tunnel. However, if all these issues do not pose a problem, it could also be nice to have it possible for passengers to be able to access the castle and stand at the top and admire the surrounding. The train will present a historical presentation of Scottish culture, and it will also have the staff of the train adorning Scottish designed regalia such as Viking uniforms as well as pleated quilts for men and bagpipes will be found in each car.


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