Movie Analysis Essay on The Dark Knight

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Date:  2023-02-11


Batman is an action, fiction, superhero mythology movie based on the comic book Batman. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie is a media artifact that reflects as well as carries the message about Gotham society. The artifact of Batman, the Dark Knight, promotes the ideology of a Robin Hood society as evident from the superhero (Batman) while the Joker represents the orchestrator and symbol of wrong, evil, and chaos. The society of Gotham is placed at the center of two stands Justice and Transparency. A role played by Batman and a negated society that does not care about equality and honesty, a role assumed by Joker. This forces them to go against their values for the sake of ending the chaos within Gotham. From a general perspective, people tend to steer their lives to achieve their dreams and values habitually, but they are usually blinded from their real motives by the society they exist. Hence, understanding the ideology propelled to the people of Gotham calls for the understanding of two sides portrayed by Batman, the superhero and the Joker.

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Joker is a representation of a negated society. Joker is a symbol of chaos and confusion that is hidden and tries to blind the people of Gotham. Furthermore, as portrayed by Nolan, in the "Batman: The Dark Knight," he is not an average criminal, and this manifests the people of Gotham. As much Joker shows love for Gotham's money at the beginning of the film, the reality is that his significant desires are to create anarchy, fear, and panic by instigating chaos. He intends to turn Gotham against each other as well as against Batman; this tears the city apart. Hence, Joker within the media artifact represents the ideology of evil as well as the scary clown to Gotham.

The movie shows him as a psychopath, who is criminally oriented and a murderer as well. He is twisted and thrilled in his psychotic nature which he deceives people, including the police as he gets the pleasure and happiness as he torments Gotham citizens. He further terrorizes his criminal associates, and this gives him pleasure. He orchestrates all these ill motives at the expense of blackmailing the people as well as showing that Batman is the bad guy. At one instance, Joker blackmailed the police that Batman is behind the chaos and lawlessness in Gotham and upon asked to propose the solution, he stated, "It's simple. Kill the Batman", a clear indication of Joker's hate towards Batman and peace amongst his people. Hence, it is the evilest person amongst criminals in Gotham and Batman was left with no option but to bringing such kind of evil mind to justice while pursuing his superhero carrier. Therefore, when Batman was overwhelmed by corrupted police and increased criminal gangs such as those of the Joker in Gotham, he concluded, "I've seen now what I have to become to stop men like him." Therefore, he shifted into the Batman superhero and began fighting the criminals and bringing justice within Gotham.

Batman plays and portrays the role of the Robin Hood of society. Also called Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale played the character. He is the superhero of the movie referred by several alias names such as the Cape Crusader as well as the Dark Knight. According to Nolan, "Batman: The Dark Knight," Batman is amongst the people in Gotham who are devoted to restoring hope, safety, and peace in the society. As expected, he is the good guy who is physically fit as well emotionally stable that enabled him to carry on with his dreams and values. From the movie, he can be evident to be a person of substantive values. He decides to protect Gotham, having realized that the city corps is corrupted and incapable of doing their work sufficiently and appropriately.

Batman stood for honesty and harmony; this personal value as a superhero hampers him from killing anybody. He upholds an ideology that the law is the sole weapon to punish the criminals as well as the immoral. Hence, Batman stays in the shadow of the night while fighting the immoral and criminal as the trustworthy and incorruptible law enforcers depends on him to undertake the work they legally cannot take. So he makes the law enforcement easier for the police, particularly for the crime lords who operate beyond Gotham.


In conclusion, the movie portrays and shapes the ideology of justice and transparency through Batman, the superhero and bad deed through the Joker in the society of Gotham. Thus, as much as Batman's actions went against the law, they can be easily looked at because of the bright light that in most cases, surrounded him. Also, just like Slavoj's 2016 "Guide to Ideology" suggest, ideology should resemble a glass that distorts human imagination and that the critiquing should be positive upon keen examination of what is behind the glass so does the outward look of Batman appears contrary but the innermost superhero ideology is that of honesty, hope, goodness, and justice which is positive. So, Batman's actions and exile is a total sacrifice for the sake of peace and safety of Gotham.

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