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In the current society, Cancer is termed as a dangerous living organism which multiplies itself and feeds in the energy of a body. However, a nation that encourages capitalism that enables business activities to gain wealth at the expense of consumer property, this is termed as a cancer. This factor can be termed as an injustice to the hardworking citizens in the country. This is because it reaps off the rights of the hardworking citizens from self-indulgence and public manipulation in the free market economy. The movie of Capitalism: A love story point of views are used to demonstrate how capitalism is evil in United States. A character Michael Moore is seen warning the American resident not to promote capitalism as it will destroy the country economic from the citizen's sacrifices in the market. The film strongly condemned the act of capitalism in American society. According to Michael Moore capitalism is the problem, and socialism is its solution (Freeman, 2017). In the paper, we will highlight some of the environmental factors that capitalism have brought as far as American society is a concern.

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Economic Factor

The film has outlined various instances of financial instability challenges that affect American society. According to Michael Moore, the US economy remains in a mess. The unemployment rate in the US is steadily increasing to over 10% and according to the survey done indicated that over forty-two states lost their jobs in last month's alone (Freeman, 2017). The total losses in the jobs vacancy have steadily declined to nearly 7 million in the previous year alone. More citizens are forced to look for a part-time job rather than full-time employment opportunity in the country. In one month, over 25,000 manufacturing jobs opportunities were lost in the country, a factor that brings the state of employment to decline to 15.2% (Freeman, 2017).

In the film, we also witness a 39-year-old restaurant manager named Mark, who came from Chicago. Mark stated that he ended to a wrong career, since he earns a bonus through government bailout along Wall Street, yet the government bailout is not a huge amount pay. The film also demonstrated the rate of recession level in the country. Recession level can be reflected from the price of profit, which was generated from the overall economic stability of the country. The recession level of the country is channeled by the massive deficit of financing government activities while millions of people rot in the unemployment structure. According to the research done by the associated press, they found that over 80% of the citizens think that the country's economy is not doing great (Medovoi, 2012). Over 70% of Americans have lost confidence in the government abilities in preventing the current financial meltdown. In the survey which was done indicated that only 17% of the citizens have high confidence in government services (Medovoi, 2012).

Political Factor

Political factor played a more significant role in the American development structure in one perspective to the other. In the ruin of George Bush, the system of capitalism significantly emerged in the United States governance. Additionally, other citizens also blame president Obama current situation of Capitalism challenges that the country faces. The Congress members also have square blame from the citizens from the nature of public resource management in the country. In the film, members of the public also blame banks and lenders as the main offenders concerning the rate of capitalism in the country.

Michael Moore produces his film from the love that he has for his country. A Love Story film openly calls out for the system failure, and he also names some of the steps made by the American government since from the dark day's era. He exposes capitalism system the way it is in the US country. The government officials exploit the poor by looting millions of money from the members of the public savings, financial institutions, and development funds (Medovoi, 2012). In the film, capitalism is termed as irresponsible style of acquiring wealth from the members of the public. Most of the leaders have agreed for public funds allocation a factor that has increased the rate of federal funds misappropriation.

Moore, on the other hand, prefers the use of democracy system. This can be traced back in the film footage where FDR was used as the savior of capitalism during the great depression favored the second bill of rights. The FDR system calls for the reason for various things such as active jobs, improvement of healthcare structure, and ceasing racism effect in the country (Phillips, 2015). He raised the following concern as a way of stopping the use of capitalism system in our community structure. On the other hand, capitalism system has not brought any meaningful fruit to the members of the public. However, Moore believes that deploying a democratic socialism system will allow members of the public to take part in production, distribution, and harmony within our countries environmental structure.

Social Factor

The social life of the residents of America also was affected in one perspective to the other. Michael Moore was suggesting a social capitalism democratic system where all the people were allowed to give their account concerning the social development structure. Social capitalism system will enable the members of the public to focus on improving their society rather than destroying it. In the film, the use of capitalism has significantly suppressed most organization growth, a factor that has affected the social and environmental growth of society. Increase of injustice practices such as corruption, racism, nepotism, and violence have led strongly changed the lives of American citizens (Phillips, 2015).

The use of capitalism destroyed the ethical relation among the citizens; there was no respect, love, peace, and unity. According to the film, there was an increase in crime-related activities among the youths, drug trafficking, prostitution, theft cases, and rape cases (Taylor, 2012). All these factors destroyed the social image and corrupted the characters of the members of the public negatively. The rate of depression was increasing since most of them were unemployed and idle. Capitalism affected the marriage among the citizens as the cases of divorce increases steadily in the country.

Cultural Factor

The United States is a country which is comprised of various races and cultures from all over the world. According to the film, most of the cultures was corrupted and destroyed by the leaders in the power position. The white and black antagonism continued to dominate most part of the discussions in the country. The white race saw themselves as a more superior race than the black people. This cultural differences led to domestic wars across the country. There was no systematic aesthetic style used in the country. The United States is comprised of multicultural ethos the following ethos include, Native America, Africa, Latina America, and Polynesia (Taylor, 2012). There is also a socio-cultural characteristic in various activities such as sports, arts, and music. However, with the introduction of capitalism, all these cultural characteristics were destroyed and affected ultimately. Most of the American residents were not in a position to practice their social services free since there was no democratic structure in the country.


There was a legal challenge in America, which affected the growth and productivity of the justice system. The capitalism rule led to the collapse of democratic rule system in the country. Most of the residents of the United States were not in a position that expresses there concern mutually. There was massive discrimination among rich and poor citizens. This factor was witnessed when the sick person was jailed since he was not able to bail himself (Medovoi, 2012). The justice mechanisms have tremendously collapsed as most of the residents did not receive any justice based on their plea.


The capitalist system did not enhance the productivity of the countries creativity. There was no introduction of technological measures; this made most youths lack employment-generating activity. This increased the level of poverty and crime rate in the country. Most of the citizens resorted in other illegal ways of making money rather than technological measures. In the Moore film, he demonstrated how a lack of technical services affected most families in making their daily food.


Michael Moore premiered his latest film of Capitalism: A Love Story from the American society background structure. Moore film has broadcasted environmental factors that affect the political, social, economic, cultural, and legal system of the country. This was a tremendous step that Moore made concerning meeting the democratic position for the country. The film exposed some of the messy realities that we are living in. Most of the wealthy leaders and citizens were also termed to be above the law. Additionally, at the end of the film, the capitalism system stood out, and every person strongly condemned it in society. In the Film of Capitalism, Moore combined the taste of humor, the oppression from the working people, music, irony, and environmental challenges.


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