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Date:  2022-11-07


Most young children are becoming exposed to foster care during their early development stages. A study conducted showed that national wide, more than 500,000 children are in foster care. Most of these children are as a result of repeated abuse and prolonged neglect and during their early years of life have not experienced nurturing and a stable environment. Others are as a result of their parents who are suffering from an addiction to drug abuse. Such children are prone to neglect and incarceration, and as a result, they are forced to move to another environment as their parents work through their addictions. Other factors that may expose children to foster care include illness of parents and even financial hardships.

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Since this is an issue of urgency and profound significance, there is a need for more foster homes based on the number of adopted children. One way of doing this is through creating an awareness campaign which will talk about the urgent needs of these young children and empower all citizens from every walk of life to get involved. Some can act as foster or adoptive parents, while others as volunteers, mentors, employers or any other way that is of help to those children. Also, the campaign will provide support and services that will help in the building of more foster homes that will accommodate the growing number of foster children. As a result, it will ensure that every child that is under neglect or abuse has a home and is taken care of. Also, advocacy programs such as the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (CASA/GAL) should be strengthened so as to ensure more children are being reached especially those under neglect and abuse. Such a program will also ensure there is public awareness and more resources for such children are adequate. Another program that needs to be strengthened is that of Courtroom Educational Advocacy which will ensure every child in foster care has a solid education that will help in ensuring a successful future.

Almost all children in foster care have endured trauma especially when the separation takes place and are taken to a new environment. Due to this, immediate action should be taken whereby a child should be exposed to a counselor within 24 hours and it should not take months. Through counseling, children will be able to open up and enable them to put issues out of the mind. To children traumatized by physical or sexual abuse, they should be nurtured, comforted and be given affectionate so as they feel they are loved and cared. The counselor should also protect the child from things that are re-traumatizing and ensure the environment is always safe for their growth and wellbeing.


Today, there are many children suffering loss and separation and others are living through more damaging experiences of neglect and abuse. Due to this, there is a need for adopting more children especially those under critical states. Most of them are going through traumatic experiences that require special care. Adopting children will play a significant role in ensuring all children under neglect, mental health, sexual or physical abuse or any other traumatic difficulties are provided with love and with a supportive home. Every child deserves a caring adult who loves and support them and adopting them will ensure they receive the best quality care.


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adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System

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