The Purpose of Effective Organization of The Circle in Parts 1, 2 and 3

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Date:  2022-09-13


The sequential organization of any literally material by the author helps develop the plot, setting as well as the subsequent flow of events or ideas in the entire novel. In the book The Circle, Eggers purposely employed effective organization of story in part 1, 2 and 3 to help enhance the plot and the general flow of events in the entire book (Eggers 58). I wholeheartedly endorse the fact that, indeed the nature of arrangement evidenced in the novel tends to draws the reader's attention to understand the life as well as the choices made by the characters in the book. As a prominent author, Eggers invested heavily on the strategic organization of the events, and this helps the cohesive plot along with the sequential flow of events in the whole novel. Notably, My central in this paper is to discuss the purpose of the sequential organization of the novel The Circle by Dave Eggers and how it helps build up the story (Annem 118).

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Part I

The events unfold in the novel, Mae Holland's joins The Circle one of the most powerful internet companies in the United States as a worker through her college friend Annie (Eggers 58). The events in the story revolve around Mae, the protagonist and how she gradually progresses and become senior and trusted employee compared to the others in the successful Internet Company. As the story unfolds in part 1, the author depicts Mae as an elite from a humble background in search of job opportunity, luckily through her friend Annie she secures a place in one of the most powerful internet company (Eggers 58).

Mae's first week at work was uncomfortable, but through the practical organization of the entire plot by the author, it is made more comfortable to the reader to track all the unfavorable condition at work in a more sequential manner. It is important to acknowledge the facts that, through her friend Francis in part 1 of the story we get to know how she was greatly dictated and undermined by the other employees (Trabasso 58). The hard-working nature of Mae revealed in the manner in which she tactfully manages the tricky situations and thrives successfully. Tentatively, regardless of the scolding, she received from her supervisors the effective organization of these events by the author in part 1 has seen Mae rise amidst all the challenges she received.

On the other hand, by adopting the literary technique of sub-dividing, the events into parts helps to understand the point of view of the narrator which is a crucial element considered to bring out Mae's thoughts and feelings thereby conveying them to the reader (Eggers 58). Tentatively, in a bid to understand plenty of opportunities as reflected in the Circle such as the literary techniques along with the constant shift in the setting, the author skillfully employed an organized system by separating the entire story into parts to help depict the unique aspect of the story. Ultimately, in book 1, Mae tends to adjust her lifestyle to conform to the required standards at the new workplace and her progress is only revealed in the manner in which the author categorically locates the events in parts.

On the same account, under the organization witnessed in this story, Mae relationship matters reached the dead with Francis marking the climax in book 1, an event which distinctively placed the reader to understand the relationship Mae is involved. It is also worth acknowledging the fact that some of the literary styles, as well as thematic concerns in the story, rely on the effective organization as witnessed in the novel. Mae giving in to the company's plea to go transparent forms the turning point in her life as a technician and her nude lifestyle exposed marks the turning point in book 1(Annem 118). Besides, Eggers decision to organize the events in the novel along part 1, 2 and 3 was to help the reader to track the how the events revolve around Mae Holland, the protagonist along with her massive contribution in the entire novel.

Part II

Mae's work at the circle as depicted by the author is a clear revelation of an uncomfortable working environment where everyone around her monitors her private life. By creating such a clear distinction in the manner in which the events revolve around the protagonist, the author categorically organized the story into parts which seem relevant to the reader. On the same note, by considering the setting and the periods in which the significant changes take place in Mae's lifestyle, it was relevant to distinguish the story into parts for more straightforward analysis of the text.

Following keen analysis of the text, the significant themes seem strategically located at different parts of the book to enhance both setting and the plot of the story. For example, justice and judgment as a theme in the text intensively featured in the book I.

In-depth analysis organization book II illustrates lots of improvement with regards to Mae's lifestyle as a competent member of the circle along with her parents whose private lives are exposed to the entire company as a price to pay for their medical insurance cover (Gold 61). With regards to the organization of the story in part 2, Mae seems comfortable with the job but live in great confusion since her parent too are involved in the scheme to monitor their private lives (Trabasso 58). On the same note, Mae in book II is portrayed by the author as one of the most productive employees of the Circle based on her innovation alongside her relevant proposal to help meet the company's vision. Conversely, her plans to allow free a mandatory subscription to the Circle Company by all Americans seem to drive the companies' legacy forward. Though her friends, Kalden and Mercer feel uncomfortable with her proposal to allow the Circle to take up the entire organization and the record keeping matters related to voting and registration of Americans as misplaced agenda. In a nutshell, the purpose of part II is to allow the reader to understand the theme of change through protagonist Mae in the manner in which the events revolve around her (Trabasso 58).

Part III

About the organization of the story in section III, it constitutes the optimal point in Mae's career as depicted in her enormous contribution to help create the dystopian world (Eggers 60). The author purposely organized the entire novel into different parts to bring peculiarity in the manner in which event unfolds in Mae lifestyle alongside her massive contribution in the Circle. Basically, in part III Mae seems to have developed new skills and works so hard to the success of the company. Alternatively, her compassion and human nature observed when she keeps vigil alongside her friend Annie facing physical as well as the mental exhaustion from her life at the circle (Gold 58).


In conclusion, the skillful organization as literary techniques is adequately expressed in the entire novel sequentially to help the reader to understand the whole plot efficiently. Tentatively, the events revolving around Mae and the general setting organized in a better pattern to enhance the readers understanding and better analysis.

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