Paper Example on Engineering Organizational Technology

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Date:  2022-09-21


Knowledge of organizational behavior is important since it helps people understand the world better. Engineering organizations have resulted in simplification of life and their products have many applications such as entertainment. Most people tend to assume that the processes involved in these organizations are complicated. However, they become clear after developing an understanding of the behavior that characterizes these firms. The most important asset to any company is the employees. Without workers, the operation of an organization cannot be possible and as a result, the management of such individuals is crucial. Due to this fact, organizations have resulted in various techniques such as the provision of training, incentives and rewards to ensure maximum production of their workers (MacGregor, 1960).

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Human behavior is an important aspect to consider in an organization. This is because it determines the effectiveness of the employees in a company. Scientists have developed an interest in understanding the behavior of employees in organizations since it provides information concerning various subjects such as the success of a firm and the wellbeing of individuals. Organizational behavior is motivated by various factors such as goals, objectives and the mission of an organization (MacGregor, 1960). Leaders also play an important role in the behavior of workers sine they are required to act as role models. Understanding organizational behavior is very crucial since it can help a firm to prevent losses in the future. Interventions can be made where the behavior of workers tends to predict problems within an organization.

Human behavior in the organization has been affected by engineering. Inventions that have been made in the field of engineering have led to significant improvements in the working environment of most companies. As a result, people can work effectively without difficulties since factors such as ventilation, safety and cleanliness of the working environments have been improved significantly. Inventions in this field have to lead to a rise in the productivity of companies and this has been caused by an improvement in the behavior of workers (MacGregor, 1960). Most of them are motivated by the working conditions of their firms and this has led to an increase in their efficiency. Engineering has therefore resulted in a change in the behavior of employees and this has benefited most firms.

MacGregor (1960) states that management is the major determinant of human behavior in an organization. The behavior of workers is dictated by the leaders responsible for their motivation and supervision. Such leaders should therefore be chosen effectively since they play a key role in the success of an organization. The behavior of workers is improved through the satisfaction of their psychological needs (MacGregor, 1960). Provision of the required resources that guarantee this satisfaction allows workers to be effective since the environment allows them to be productive. This satisfaction also determines human behavior especially when they are relating to other people such as their superiors.


From this discussion, its clear that workers are essential to the performance of their organization and their behavior should be monitored closely. Engineering applications can be used effectively in firms to improve the working conditions of workers and this results in good behavior. Motivators should be used to improve productivity in firms and other factors such as psychological needs should be satisfied to guarantee proper behavior from workers (MacGregor, 1960). Organizations which have been able to manage their workers effectively have experienced high productivity and dominance in the market. Its therefore important to monitor human behavior in firms due to the benefit of improved productivity.


MacGregor, D. (1960). The human side of enterprise (Vol. 21, No. 166-171). McGrawHill: New York.

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