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Modern arts and designs play a crucial role in the creativity and innovation of most of the current industrial products. In addition to that, numerous designs and styles nowadays crowd the consumer market with incredible efficiency and effectiveness of industrial products. The paper explores the development of arts and designs of two products including the lounge chair and the coffee table.

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Over time, lounge chairs have undergone numerous improvements in its designs, aesthetic value, and functionality. Modern lounge chair designs have impeccable abilities to satisfy most of the human wants, apart from the basic need for which it is created. This has resulted from the vast accumulation of knowledge and understanding, coupled with adverse creativity and innovation by modern artists and fashion designers.

Modern lounge chairs present great aesthetic value. First, they have been designed to provide ultimate comfort to the consumer (Hiller, 2018). Nowadays, most people work on mobile devices and laptops for a long time of the day. Sitting for a long time can cause various health complications to people including the excruciating back pains especially when the seats are hard and inflexible. Apart from that, discomfort can truly discourage a person from sitting for a long time. Soft seating design of a lounge chair solves this problem and enhances comfortable working and relaxation.

In addition to that, the coziness offered by lounge chairs is incomparable. They make you feel warm and relaxed thereby, alleviating unnecessary stress after a long day's work. Apart from that, the coziness instills additional pleasure to food and entertainment, especially in restaurants. Moreover, the sponginess provides room for meditation and relaxation of the brain.

Lounge chairs come in many designs and a range of styles that fit any lifestyle of consumers and bring very pleasurable matches to every decoration (Grant, 2014).

The functionality of lounge chairs has also expanded over time due to the advanced technological designs thereby, broadening their areas of consumption. They are commonly used in hotels, sitting rooms, open-air relaxation, and roundtable meetings. For this reason, lounge chairs come in a range of suitable styles and designs to meet the need for which they are made.

The creativity of designs adds much value to their aesthetic nature. Throughout the centuries, designs of lounge chairs have been influenced by the diverse customs, tastes, and fashions. Ribbon chair design, for instance, is a magnificent piece of applied art that has become the focal point for any room (Hiller, 2018). It comes in a range of fabrics with beautiful choices of pedestal colors. Boum stool is another eye-catching lounge chair that adds great value to the living spaces around the home and the contemporary workstations. The chair has superbly designed fabric shell molding itself around the sitter. It is both stain resistant and stronger to wear and tear. The chandelier rocking model presents the best example of balance and proportion and is suitable for relaxing in the open air.

Lounge chairs have been manufactured using the same manufacturing methods since the 1950s. However, numerous designs have been creatively developed to keep abreast with the ever-changing market needs, fashions, taste, and preferences. Materials used in the manufacturing process involve plywood, glue, molded metals, among many other materials. The manufacturing methods and processes vary from one company to the other. Special considerations are taken to develop chairs for a particular need or market. Therefore, the methods and materials used are carefully chosen to suit the need.

Lounge chairs are designed for seating especially when performing a particular activity such as working on a computer or mobile devices (Hiller, 2018). They offer the ultimate comfort and coziness. Therefore, they can also be used for taking siesta, massage, and general relaxation oriented activities.

Coffee tables, on the other hand, have been in existence for centuries and have gone through many improvements since the 1950s. Many designs have arisen with a range of magnificent styles for every fashion, custom, and market taste and preference (Grant, 2014). The following are some of the major developments in aesthetic value, functionality, creativity, and method of production of coffee tables.

The modern coffee table presents incredible aesthetic value to the home by making the center bit of all houses (Hiller, 2018). Its place around which the family sits around for cups of coffee gives an incredible experience and enjoyment. In addition to that, a magnificent coffee table not only boosts the elegance of the home but also create awe-inspiring effects on the guests. They are the parameters based on which the guests will judge the taste not only in the choice of furniture but also in existence. A magnificent table in the middle of the dining room enhances the feeling of homeliness. A glass round table with beautiful flower vase gives a stylish, lightweight impression that transcends the design of its environment.

Functionality has been a crucial focus for modern coffee table designers. Modern living room coffee tables have unique stylistic features that enhance their functionality and make them more efficient and effective to use (Hiller, 2018). Depending on the taste and preference, some coffee tables offer a wide range of functionalities such as providing the study area, work surface, or a dining table. They can also be transformed from the coffee table into dining surface for friends and family.

Creativity plays a crucial effect on the designs and styles of modern coffee tables. The following creative features enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of modern coffee tables. First, built-in hidden extensions provide room for expansion thereby, offering larger space for dining, or working. The modern obsidian glass coffee table has a push-button mechanism that helps in lowering or lifting the table to a comfortable height. Moreover, it also extends out with a large flexible leaf to provide a broader table area without having to store the eaves or deal with clunky placements necessarily.

Additionally, the push-button mechanism provides a creative design that can be used to effectively raise or lower the table height according to one's preference. The button mechanism serves two crucial functions; first, it provides an effective means of adjusting the height of the table. Secondly, the mechanism provides an extra safety measure for the table preventing any unnecessary breakages and deformations. Apart from that, it makes work easier since you can comfortably adjust the working surface to the comfortable height.

Moreover, expanding coffee tables provide adequate space-saving options for a modern living room or even the murphy wall bed. The modern coffee table helps make the most of available space while creating magnificent decor that suits every fashion or style.

Modern production methods for coffee tables have been mechanized. Glass or wood are mostly used in making the coffee tables (Grant, 2014). They come in various shapes, sizes, forms, colors, and patterns according to the design and style with which it is intended. The materials used also depends on the prevailing taste and preference of the market being served. Wooden coffee tables are strong, unfailing and durable. They add more value to the splendor of interior decorations or the outdoors.


In conclusion, modern arts and designs have gone far much beyond market expectations providing numerous augmented experience, styles and fashions that make life beautiful. However, the advancement in knowledge and technology continuously lead to the development of more attractive and high-quality coffee tables that not only adds to the splendor but also makes it more efficient and effective to use the coffee tables.


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