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Human resource information system (HRIS) refers to the applications of technology in human resources management activities such as accounting, payroll, and management. Through HRIS organizations can plan, control and manage the HR costs by ensuring proper allocation and use of resources. Regarding decisions, HRIS increases decision making efficiency which improves the quality of work and the organization outcomes (Wilson, 2003). A Gantt chart is a tool that can be used in the implementation of the HRIS in an organization human resources. The Gantt chart is used to create a graphical representation of the projects task duration and the progression of time in the project. As such, the Gantt chart helps an organization human resources to create a workable timeline for the implementation of the program (Wilson, 2003). This paper will assess how Gantt chart as a project tool is used in HRIS integration as well as the tool strengths and the weaknesses.

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Gantt Chart Application in HRIS Integration

A Gantt chart is an important tool that the human resources HRIS integration project can use to visualize the entire project and facilitate easy resources allocation and schedule of activities. The Gantt chart helps to highlight the project work plan and the tasks at each level and the time that the tasks should be completed. Using a Gantt chart in an HRIS integration project ensures that an organization can be able to identify the relationship between different functions such as their dependency which helps to ensure a smooth completion of the integration project. When tasks are dependent on each other, it is important for an organization to ensure that one task that another depends on is completed beforehand which is provides a continuous flow of activities. Besides, the Gantt chart can be used to chart tasks actual progress with the expected results and time which ensures timely completion of the HRIS integration project (Maserang, 2002).

An organization carrying out an HRIS integration project needs a Gantt chart as a tool to plan the activities to ensure that enough resources and the project timelines are achieved. For instance, HRIS has different activities such as the creation of an employee database, time and labor management, payroll function, employee interface, recruitment and retention information, and the employee benefits. An HRIS project should take into account the project components deliverables and the time required to complete them. Besides, the visualization of the project items ensures that an organization is not overwhelmed by tasks and to ensure quality project outcomes (Maserang, 2002). The ability of Gantt chart to create a project path set baselines on the project budget and schedules and track the HRIS integration project progress makes it a very effective tool for the HRIS integration in an organization human resources functions.

Potential Strengths of Using Gantt Chart in Project HRIS Project Management

Tracking Project Deliverables Progress

Gantt chart facilitates the creation of the project deliverables, resources and time estimate that helps in planning for the concurrent and dependent activities in the HRIS integration project. Every organization project requires reporting to ensure accountability and management and stakeholders follow up. The ability to track the HRIS integration project using the Gantt chart makes it easy for the project manager to report the project progress to the stakeholders. Besides, the project information such as when the activities in the project are going to take place and how can be provided to the stakeholders through the creation of a comprehensive Gantt chart (Wilson, 2003).

Timely Completion of Tasks

The Gantt chart project tool will be beneficial in the HRIS integration project by ensuring that the project activities are displayed publicly, and the individuals responsible for the activities are aware of the task timeline. Gantt chart shows the HRIS integration project progress by establishing tasks completion percentages and the timeline which is used by the project managers to plan activity schedules in the project lifetime (Wilson, 2003).

Effective Project Resources Planning and Team Work Facilitation

Project resources such as finances, personnel, and time are very important in any organization project, and proper allocation using a Gantt chart ensures that all the project deliverables have access to adequate resources. The availability of the future project schedules makes it possible for an organization implementing the HRIS to plan enough resources to ensure smooth project tasks completion. In the HRIS integration project, different concurrent activities take place, and others are dependent on each other which requires the cooperation between the groups (Maserang, 2002). The Gantt chart helps to align different stakeholders which allow easy sharing of information on the project progress and needs.

Limitations of the Gantt chart in HRIS Integration Project


In case of any desired change in the schedule or the budget, the HRIS project will require to redraw the entire Gantt chart. Inflexibility makes it difficult to use the Gantt chart in a project where there will be changes along the project lifetime (Maserang, 2002).

Several Schedules Cannot Be Created in a Single Chart

The HRIS integration project will require different functions and activities that will require the project to create different Gantt chart for time planning and resource planning which will be in different charts. As such, an organization cannot create one chart for all the schedules which is a significant weakness in using Gantt chart, especially in decision making.


Gantt chart will be a good tool to use in HRIS integration project to establish the project time, resources and activity schedules. Using the Gantt chart will promote effective decision making on different concurrent and dependent activities in the project. The Gantt chart will help the project managers to create sufficient information for all the stakeholders involved to promote project collaboration and informed decision making.


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Wilson, J. M. (2003). Gantt charts: A centenary appreciation. European Journal of Operational Research, 149(2), 430-437.

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