Parental Involvement in Education Benefits Students' Performance - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-21


Several studies have revealed that students who experience more of parental participation in their education have recorded excellent performance and better educational achievement, as well as better behavioral outcomes, while the socioeconomic status of families may influence the performance of the students more than the resource consumed at school. The family acts as an embodiment both in the academic achievement of the student and for a brighter future when they become adults (Ozcinar, & Ekizoglu, 2013). Despite the notion that parents do not understand the best way to provide support for their children and many schools also fail to set vibrant expectation for parental participation, there are numerous interventions which have been implemented, and such interventions have significantly benefited students and improve their performance at school. The paper seeks to critically evaluate some of the interventions which have been executed to enhance parental participation in education.

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In the evaluation of volunteering as an intervention, the technique reinforces enthusiasm for education, especially for the children between the age of five and seven years. The enthusiasm leads to a significant educational achievement for the children (Ozcinar, & Ekizoglu, 2013). It also enhances the behavioral aspects, since parent volunteering may work as a symbol of respect. Significantly, children at the age of eight years start comparing performance with each other, thereby making them lose confidence (Ozcinar, & Ekizoglu, 2013). Therefore, parents who volunteer at school can check on their children and provide necessary assistance to the academic performance of their children. Volunteering also strengthens the relationship between parents and teachers, which can also increase the chances of solving problems affecting a student. Additionally, students are learning many skills at school and therefore volunteering to enable parents to understand and get to know the classmate of their children, and parents can spot opportunities on other children and instill in their children..

Parent as Partners

Despite the variation between teachers and parents, treating parents as partners in the school programs is among the key intervention, which has led to the improvement of the students' performance at school. In light of that, parent-teacher conferences have played a crucial role in fostering children's academic achievements and have been perceived as the basic tool which is implemented by several schools to facilitate school-family participation. Regarding the proper evaluation of the concept, many parents who spend around 20 minutes in a meeting with teacher perhaps twice every year are not strategic to assist in driving children's performance (Ozcinar, & Ekizoglu, 2013). Such conferences are effective for students who come from upper-class families. Parents with higher education usually give children an enabling environment which involves experiences and financial resources which complement the resources at school.


Educational achievement can be realized when parents participate in the education of their children. Increase in the intensity of parental participation leads to better academic achievement among students. Parental participation has enhanced the educational performance of students, as well as the behavior and respect among students. Volunteering is one of the best forms of intervention that provide enthusiasm for learning children and providing the opportunity for parents to monitor the behavior of their children both from school and at home. Perceiving parents as a partner has also improved the relationship between teachers and parents, thereby enhancing the academic performance of children. More imperatively, parents play a vital role in the performance, behavior and promote a better future for their children.


Ozcinar, Z., & Ekizoglu, N. (2013). Evaluation of a blog based parent involvement approach by parents. Computers & Education, 66, 1-10.

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