Prewriting Process Analysis: Life Challenges and Solutions

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Date:  2022-10-19


It had been a significant challenge to balance my extra curriculum activities and academic endeavors since I joined the public university. Each day, things look impossible, and I have to struggle to adjust my distance to home, school work and personal life especially on extra curriculum activities. I was the school football captain and the drama club chairperson. Every week, from Monday to Friday I always track for approximately ten kilometers before getting a bus to school and reach there on time. My classes run from eight in the morning through four in the evening. That is from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, I usually have my lessons spread throughout the day at different venues which I have to pace faster to reach before the experience starts from another class. My schedule is ever busy, from thirty minutes past four in the evening I am supposed to be in the pitch with other players. The practice takes approximately one hour thirty minutes.

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I help the coach and my fellow teammates in doing physical activities and runs around the pitch for fitness, keeping the training kits, keeping balls and ensuring all the games items are in good condition. At exactly, seven in the evening I am supposed to be at the drama training square with the dram crew. I go over each drama item and make sure all the groups are present, and the roll was taken. Any apology is well indicated, and a review of the yester events is adequately undertaken. Most of my duties, though, are focused on administrative roles. With all the responsibilities and activities, my week is always a blur. My time is still fixed such that neither is free from eight in the evening when I start to retreat home, so exhausted to neither walk nor run.

Even though I always clear my daily chores with ease and appropriate, my weeknight responsibilities always make it worse, and it remains as if the day has just started. I have three siblings, Rooney, and Mata that I have to coach on their assignment before they go to sleep at ten. They usually keep awake till I am back and ensure my assistance is given to them before they resort to rest. My dog, Otoyo also needs my attention. I must make the house ready and prepare for the young lads breakfast before I go to sleep. As this not enough, I have to ensure that my aging grandmother gets her daily massages before nap. This must be given evening message to enable her to keep steady the next day. I usually, attend to my assignment late in the night after ensuring nothing is left untouched.

Once or twice every week I go for late night devotions that run for at least two hours depending on the arrival of a substantial number of members. I play the piano to the choir and train youths on various new songs and dance styles. Though I hate taking long in the church; sometimes I am forced to leave the place the recommended time. This is always risky because I have to walk all alone in the dark. I usually get home tired and extremely exhausted to do anything but to rest as I plan for the next day.

Though I usually don't complain about all the responsibilities I have to undertake before that day ends, sometimes my academic life is threatened. Balancing all the responsibilities plus the coursework has remained a blur. I am currently taking distance and opening learning to reduce the workload and a proper balance to undertake my duties with ease. I am enjoying the new approach because at a glance I can read many concepts and respond to them at ago. Distance learning does not require one to be present in class throughout the day. All one needs is a fully charged laptop or a phone that is capable of tethering in low network coverage. I find responding to the assignment easier than never, and I can get enough time to run other errands without strain. I only need a maximum of two hours to read, do my assignment and make the submission as opposed to the manual one where I have to ponder over volumes of books to get the right answer. I usually to try to get to my study at around 10:30 am when everyone is asleep, and my granny adequately attended to. However, Rooney is still awake by then. He will not go to bed till he sees me go. Sometimes I have to pretend and retreat to bed for thirty minutes to make him sleep then return to study. This has not been easy because I have to retake a shower before sitting doing to investigate. Every night as I fumble to bed at around one in the morning, I wonder why my life has to be this busy. This is after failing to get enough time even with the distances learning.

To find a solution to proper time management and rescheduling of my activities, I decided to deploy some time-saving approaches. First, ask my coach to appoint two assistant captains for the football teams both girls and boys. Each associate captain to be delegated to proper roles to do. Similarly, each drama group to have a leader who oversees so that I only get information on what is needed and assistant in polishing parts that may look complex. Second, for home responsibilities, I will ask my family members to assist me at home as I set up a conducive study space to help me concentrate amicably. My siblings will get their coaching from my brother who has been willing to help but prevented him from doing so. Lastly, for the church, I opted for the Sunday services only and assumed all the midweek services. My grandmother who was ailing can now walk on her own after realizing I wasn't going for her services.

Before I made these transformations, I wasted many hours each day and week on deciding what to start with. Now that I can manage to have sometimes after the school extra curriculum activities, I can devote an additional one hour to evaluate myself on the coursework. Second, I called all the drama teams together and briefed them of the new changes. Each group leader was identified, and all members accepted their roles amidst them. The chairman for play, Mr. Martin Peso was to be the overall assistant. In my absence, he takes all the activities to run smoothly. On Saturdays and part of my Sundays, I go to the gym for physical fitness and refreshment. My younger sister agreed to be preparing for the two young lads breakfast every evening before going to sleep. This was a great sigh of relief. With all these work locations, I can now afford more than three extra times of study and two more to sleep. However, I still need a peaceful time for my research. Most of the members are still awake, and their movements up and down disrupt me. So to my next step, I changed my bedroom into a study room since it was large enough to accommodate a study table. I removed all the boxes and piles of clothes that were kept there, swept and mopped it clean. I bought a new bulb to make the room bright enough for reading. I repaired the locks to make sure the door is ever closed while I am inside to block the siblings from accessing the room.


My phone is always switched off whenever I get into the study room. I don't log in to my social media services and my computer I restrictively for academic work to avoid temptations. My new place has made it much more comfortable and convenient to get my assignments done at the right time. I am even planning to get back to regular programs and assume the distance learning. I also have time to watch movies and plays with the siblings before they sleep. Honestly, through this proper shift, I have an aim, and all my friends have agreed unanimously to help me make it work, I don't regret being a footballer and an artist as well as a servant of God. I know all the talents are for my good.

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