QUICs Methods of Getting Customers

Date:  2021-05-28 17:43:53
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Business plan
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The advent of social media integration has redefined the corporate world. It is for this reason that new ventures like QUIC; a social network integration platform, will offer customers a better way to reach out to buyers and vice versa. Whats more, the platform will enable all the end users to make virtual and possibly real friends, relationships, and even business partners.

Get customers

QUIC will find new customers via advertising. The launch of the venture which is to take place in 2017 will be an advert in and of itself. Whats more, the company will use different methods of advertising to reach out to potential customers that is, target market. For instance, WOM (Word of Mouth) will be a good way of reaching out to some of the customers. Other methods include:

Social Media Marketing

For QUIC, Social Media Marketing will be about making sure that the company targets social applications and networks to increase the awareness of the brand and later on endorse specific product baskets. In addition to that, the company will see to it that its social media marketing campaign will revolve around laying a foundation to a reliable social online network that will have a presence on main platforms. Hash tag campaigns will also help QUIC to give an overall theme to myriad marketing posts meant to lure customers.

SEO Plan

For QUIC to realize proper Search Engine Optimization, there will be a need to obtain traffic from the natural, or free organic editorial search results upon search engines. There are myriad steps that QUIC can follow top realize a decent SEO plan: these includes; choosing a precise keyword, as methodical keyword will aid in improving the chances of content reaching intended beneficiaries. Another thing is to consider the 4 Vs of semantic search by re-adjusting how marketers evaluate the success of the SEO. Optimizing the content for the keywords that have been selected to make the words SEO friendly. Combine SEO and social media to complement each other to boost success.

Publicity Partner Plan

To get ahead in the game, QUIC will make an effort to realize partnerships with a number of businesses in the same industry that will make contact with myriad media outlets for QUIC to get in the mainstream. The companies that will help in the realization of viable mass online partnerships include; Plucize.co, promotehour.com, and peopleperhour.com among others.

Online Advertising Plan

QUICS online advertising plan will revolve around the utilization of the World Wide Web to get traffic on the website and take marketing messages to deserving customers. Advertising QUIC on Google, for instance, would be very beneficial since it is visited by a lot of potential end users. Google Ad Sense and Google Display Network that displays Google Adwords, if used by QUIC, will be very much beneficial because it will help the company display texts, videos, images, and even advertisements on myriad website pages.

Keep customersWhen it comes to keeping customers, the key issue for QUIC is product quality and the best service delivery. When QUIC offers the best service, existing end users will recommend the system to their friends. To turn a one-time customer to be a customer for life, there will be a need to develop personal relationships with them (CRM) and keep up with the times with respect to what is trending in the market. Customer loyalty can also be achieved by QUIC through a rewards program that will offer financial incentives for repeat purchases; an appreciation program that rewards loyal end users with more services and perks; a partnership program that will take care of referrals and an affinity program that will come up with CSR initiatives for instance, charitable programs.



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