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Date:  2021-07-01

This range plan presents budgetary breakdown and plan for modelling operations that will be undertaken by the modelling agency. The main activities for which finances will be allocated will include auditioning and acquisition of models, training of models, presentation of models, and show casting. The budget plan will include monetary allocations for resources and services that will facilitate the agencys operational projections. The provisions and monetary allocations will be done from a fixed 3000GBP, which will cover all costs and expenditures as detailed in this range plan. In general, the amount will be allocated to fund major activities as follows:

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Auditioning 200

Training 1500

Presentation 600

Host Casting - 700


200 will be allocated for auditioning. This will be done to accommodate all applicants aspiring to be models. The activity is important is it will provide the source of models for the agency. To make the auditioning a success, an estimated 50 will be spent on advertisement, whereby, the agency will make itself known to the general public in order to reach potential models. This will be of importance as the agency will need a wide variety of applicants to choose from, which will in turn increase the probability of landing the most suitable candidates for the modelling positions. Part of the amount will go towards online adverts, in which case the agency will reach out to aspiring models over the social media and on website platforms that have a high traffic. Advertisements will also be done over the television for a two-day period because of the budgetary constraint.

From the remaining 150, 100 will be spent on renting an audition facility and accommodation of judges for a week. This expense is unavoidable as the agency will need a place to assess applicants. This will have to be spacious in order to enable the applicants to demonstrate their suitability. Other expenditures under the same will include facilitation of the event through hiring temporary support staff and security personnel who will help control movement and maintain order at the facility. Hiring of the staff and accommodation of judges including facilitation of their stay will require an additional 50, bringing the figure to an approximate 200.


A total of 1500 will be allocated to the resources and services needed to train models who will have qualified in the auditions. The activities have received the biggest allocation as they will determine the agencys success and the quality of models the company will have at the end of the training program. To facilitate the launching and maintenance of an effective training program, an estimated 200 will be spent on hiring of trainers and who will train the models and micro mange the training program. The amount will be enough to pay two qualified trainers for a whole week from the beginning of the auditions. Hiring of trainers will be focussed on identifying reputable trainers who have had a lengthy experience in modelling and training programs.

From the remaining 1300, 100 will be spent on makeup and accessories for the models. This will include the purchase of face make up, earrings, studs, lipsticks, gels, lotions, mascara, customized jewellery to be worn by the models during the training and casting stages. Due to the budget constrain, make up and accessories will receive the amount in the time being, as such, selection of makeup material and accessories will be limited to quality rather than quantity whereby, customized products that are cheaper and readily available in the market will be purchased. 700 will also be spent on clothing and fashion attire for the models to wear. The amount will be used in the purchase of male and female attire and material for customized clothing. For purposes of originality, a bulk of the amount allocated for clothing will purchase clothing material that will be fit on more authentic designs for the models.

From the remaining 400, 100 will be spent on facilitation. This will include organization and coordination of the training programs. The amount will go into the purchase of necessary resources and materials that would be needed to provide meaningful training to the models. The amount allocated for facilitation will also cover expenditures on meals and beverage for the models, staff, and trainers throughout the training period. However, much of this will upon the request of trainers. This will for instance include stage management and variation of setting using audio and other elements of stage.

Given that the training program will take place continuously after the auditions completion, a total of 50 has also been set aside for the accommodation of models and trainers around the training facilities. A similar amount of 50 has also been set aside for the transportation of models and trainers to and fro the facility, including expenditures that would go into facilitating site changing and movement by the team of models and their trainers. This will also include possible expenditures in communicating and maintaining interactions during the training period. Given that most trainees will probably be amateurs in the program for the first time, interaction and contact will have to be maintained to ensure that things run on schedule and all are doing as expected. Thus, the allocation was also necessary for purposes of coordination and team management during the training period.

The remaining 200 will be spent of hiring photographers and video shooters who will operate on a temporary basis. This allocation is important since moments from the training sessions will have to be captured to determine progress and the effectiveness of trainers. This also stems from the fact that the models will need exposure to reality-like situations where records of the progression are timely availed. This will also require the hiring of quality equipment and materials like camera and lighting equipment. Thus, the amount will cover the purchase of all resource sand material required to maintain modelling records. From this, an expected 80 will be spent on such requirements depending on demand and request by trainers and managers of the training program.

The remaining 100, will cater for miscellaneous expenditures that will be incurred during the training period as part of the financial contingency plan. This provision will be used to cover expenditures like cloth and apparel replacement due to tear or misfit, or the purchase of accessories and garment that may have been left out during planning. The amount could also be spent while providing assistance when accidents occur or technical problems arise during the training sessions.

Presentation of Models

For purposes of presentation, a total of 500 has been allocated for the presentation of models and. For this purpose, part of the amount will be spent on organization, facilitation and coordination of presentation programs. As part of the range plan, presentation of models will include engaging in activities that will increase the agencys publicity and create more market for its models. Thus, the amount will mainly go into facilitation without purchases. For instance, to facilitate presentation activities, a total of 100 has been set aside for media notification and coverage. Like most successful modelling agencies, association with the media will form the basis for Ultoroi Agencys success. Thus, the amount will be spent to ensure that presentation of models gets as much media coverage as possible. This will include liaison with local media stations who will probably have significant interest in the presentation, as such, a small amount of cash will be enough to secure air time.

From the remaining 100 will be spent on market identification and contact. This will include identification of companies that need models for their businesses. This will include companies that own magazines, television stations, clothing lines, video shooting, and model agencies like Ultoroi. To facilitate this activity, the money will be spent in conducting secondary research and initiating contact to market the agency as a reliable provider of quality models. An additional 100 has also been set aside for advertisement. This was done to complement market identification activities and processes through advertisement campaigns that will be done over the mass, print and social media.

The remaining 200 will be spent on literature preparation and production. This is necessary because the agency will need to maintain records that are accessible by the public. Part of the literature material will also go into marketing the agency as this would be spent on materials like magazines, brochures and albums that could be sold to accrue money. Thus, the money will be spent on preserving visual records made from the audition a stage to the casting stage in a continuous fashion. This implies that the activity would probably require additional funding in future for maintenance purposes. However, this budgetary allocation is meant to ensure that the activities would be self sustaining by making the huge initial investment.

Hosting a Casting

Successful Presentation of Models will certainly culminate in routine casting where the agency will be required to host clients and manage visual interviews. For this purpose, an allocation of 500 has been set aside to facilitate the process. The amount will cater for the planning and actual hosting of clients, casting directors, and photographers. This will also include costs that will run into the preparation of models and management of the activity. 200 of this amount will be spent on leasing premises where the actual casting will be done and will include the facilities and stage equipment. For this purpose, the agency will require a free environment where the models can show case their talent and thus the amount.

150 will be spent on accessories, clothing, and shoes among other dressing complements depending on the type of casting. The items are necessary because the models will need to provide a new appearance that has not been captured before. Clothing and accessories will in this case demand more expenditure since rea-life clients will in this case form part of the audience and observes during the casting, thus, the agency would need more standardized material or better for the events. Again, the casting may require the models to make multiple changes like during a casting for an editorial job, thus, the allocation needed to be put into consideration. From the remaining amount, 50 will be spent on hiring photographers and video shooters during the casting events. The amount will also cater for additional personnel who will be required as part of the facilitation staff. 100 from the remaining amount will be spent on transportation of staff, models and equipment from their homes and showrooms respectively in cases where castings will be done in new environments. The same amount will also be used to cater for repeat shows in cases where the program would need to be extended.


The table below shows the budgetary allocation for planning, organization, facilitation and allocation of resources and all the necessary equipment that would be needed by the modelling agency to implement its current project. As mentioned earlier, the figures are rough estimates that could easily be adjusted should need arise during the actual implementation.

Main Activity/Processes Resources/Services Estimated Amount Percentage allocation

Auditioning Advertisement 50 2%

Renting 100 3%

Facilitation/Accommodation 50 2%

Training Hiring Trainers 200 7%

Makeup & accessories 100 3%

Clothing, shoes & Fashion 700 23%

Facilitation 100 3%

Accommodation 50 2%

Transportation 50 2%...

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