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In every dynamic business organisation, the transition is required in the process of finding, selecting, and recruiting of new employees. Selection, Recruitment, selection, and induction form the important circle in hiring efficient and competent employees. The development of policies and procedures enables the management to hire competent and qualified staff; therefore, creating professionalism in the workplace. The policies and procedures also ensure that discrimination is eliminated in the recruitment processes (Stewart, 2011, p. 564). The predetermined policies and procedures in the recruitment also ensure that transparency and equality are attained in the process. The selection, recruitment, and induction processes must be professional and timely to promote efficacy in Grow Management Consultants. The management entity should also comply with all policies and procedures to attain its goals and business success.

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Advertising is an immediate action in the recruitment procedure. As a human resource manager, is recommend that any job opportunity in the Grow Management Consultants Company must be publicised. Appropriate advertising is important because it ensures that a lot of candidates apply for the position based on qualification. Also, advertising ensures many candidates are able to receive the information to apply for the vacant position. The ability to reach many people through advertising ensure that the most qualified candidates are selected in an open and competitive process.


Merit is another selection, recruitment and induction policy that ensures that the processes are carried out depending on the desirable criterion. The policy of merit promotes the provision of employment opportunities to all candidates regardless of their diversities (Palmer, 2007, p. 348). The policy of merit involves the assessment of the knowledge and skills of the applicants. Requirements for selection and recruitment procedures are also developed. Merit also involves selection of applicants based on their behaviors. All applicants in the Grow Management Consultants Company should be equally treated though and given fair considerations. The policy of merit also eliminates bias and discrimination in the selection, induction and recruitment processes. Merit will ensure effective legislation within the premises of the company and promote the recruitment of employees from diverse backgrounds; therefore, improving performances.


Confidence is an important component or virtue in the selection, induction, and recruitment processes. The selection, induction, and recruitment processes should be done with a high degree of confidentiality. Confidentiality prevents possible collusion between the management and some applicants (Palmer, 2007, p. 346). In this case, confidentiality is promoted by ensuring that none of the management staff leaks information about the proceedings in the selection and recruitment processes. In most cases, the management personnel who are relatives to some of the applicants are required to disqualify themselves from the recruitment committee to promote confidentiality in the process.

Purpose and Scope

Recruitment requires the identification of appropriate purpose and scope to promote effective performance in the company. Any management entity is required to provide the reason for recruiting new employees in addition to the existing staff in the company. The Grow Management Consultants Company is required to provide a purpose to ensure commitment to the induction and recruitment of new employees. The development of the scope in the induction, selection, and recruitment should comply with the employment contract. Recruitment of new staff to different departments should relate to the operations of Grow Management Consultants. Grow Management Consultants Company must undertake an efficient and effective induction process. All recruits should be selected and inducted appropriately according to the goals established by the company. The determination of the purpose and scope is also fundamental in avoiding unnecessary expenses in the induction and recruitment processes.

Human Resource Report Briefing

Human resource briefing is important because it enables the management to analyse and evaluate the position of the company based on the arrangement of activities and performances of the departmental units. HR briefing report is purposely done undertaken to manage, participate in the critical project, and coordinate all operations in Grow Management Consultants. Some of the strategic objectives developed by Grow Management Consultants Company include the ability to achieve development and promote the doctrine of collaboration. The human resource requirements in the Grow Management Consultants comprise of the ability to ensure the maintenance of accurate information for effective consultants and prepare discussion papers that to be considered by Paul Burn. The main role of HR is to increase its strategic function through selection, recruitment, and induction processes. The HR policies and practices help in decision-making processes (Palmer, 2007, p. 348). The development of the HR policies and practices ensure that the operations Grow Management Consultants Company comply with its established goals. One of the immediate HR practice is downsizing. The selection and recruitment of competent and skilled staff in the company reduce cost and saves time. Downsizing leads to the reduction in the operational costs because losses are minimised. Increasing the number of staff in each departmental unit is another HR practice.

Relevant Legislation, Regulations, Standards, and Codes of Practice That May Affect Recruitment, Selection, and Induction

Australian law is complex and covers all people in the country without discrimination. The employment contract is regulated by the laws established by the federal government. Commonwealth also provides appropriate legislation and regulations that govern the nature of the relationship between the employers and employees. Fair Work Act of 2009 contains the Fair Work Regulation that promotes a healthy workplace for all contractors, employees, and employers (Macdonald and Charlesworth, 2013, p. 346).. The Fair Work Regulations reduces and prevents discrimination in the workplace; therefore, creating equality and humane treatment of employees. The appropriate legislation that affects the induction and recruitment processes is the Privacy Act 1988 that regulates the handling of other people's personal information. The Privacy Act 1988 regulates the management/employers during the analysis and evaluation of candidates' personal data during selection and recruitment. Also, Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 provides for the appropriate measures to be considered in the selection, recruitment, and induction of employees across all companies operating in Australia.

Changes need to be undertaken on the Federal legislations and regulations to reduce the pressure caused by the business companies. Mentorship programs and mediation between employees and employers may also be applied to reduce the impacts of the legislation and regulations. Artificial intelligence is critical in the determination of the potential factors related to the standards and code of conduct in the selection, recruitment, and induction of employees.

The recommended HR policies and procedures in the selection and recruitment include the creation of a compelling fun copy for in the job description template to ensure that a large number of applicants are attracted for the position. Also, as an HR manager, it is important to establish appropriate recruitment culture for the company to promote the selection of qualified and competent candidates.

From: Human Resource Manager

To: Principal Consultant

Subject: Approval of the Established HR Briefing Report

Following the need to attain the predetermined goals and business success, Grow Management Consultants Company should have the appropriate selection, recruitment, and induction policies and procedures to guide the management. I hereby write to request for the approval of the human resource briefing report. The report contains important legislation, code of conduct, and regulations that help in promoting effective performances in the company and reduce conflicts in the workplace.

Development of Recruitment Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures are developed to guide the management in the selection, recruitment, and induction processes. The policies and procedures are also used to identify the available position for recruitment. The policies necessitate for the application of the Fair Work Act 2009 to guide all the recruiting personnel in their activities (Macdonald and Charlesworth, 2013, p. 348). The legislation that affects the recruitment processes includes the Workplace Health and Health Act which ensures that all employees work in a safe and conducive environment. On the other hand, the standards of practice that may also affect recruitment activities include the Safety Standards because they necessitate for the implementation of safety policies; therefore, promoting employee welfare.

The main objectives of the recruitment policies and procedures are to promote equality in Grow Management Consultants Company. Equality is achieved by providing equal opportunities to all candidates in recruitment.

The objectives of the recruitment policies and procedures include:

  • To promote equality in recruitment activities
  • To respect the diversity of all candidates
  • To provide equal chances/opportunities to all applicants regardless of their diverse backgrounds.

The policies and procedures have potential roles and responsibilities in the recruitment processes (Palmer, 2007, p. 356). The first responsibility is to ensure that the codes of practice are considered in the selection, recruitment, and induction of staff. Secondly, the policies and procedures are important in guiding the management in the implementation of appropriate recruitment approaches. The induction and recruitment processes range from advertising, conduction of interviews, analysis, and evaluation of applicants' information, shortlisting the announcement of the selected employees, and training of newly recruited employees in their respective departments (Macdonald and Charlesworth, 2013, p. 342).

A Position Description Template

Job title: Clients Relations Manager

Location: Grow Management Consultant's office

Reporting Responsibilities: Human Resource Manager

Responsibilities: developing appropriate policies that guide all employees in the company towards prioritising on clients' welfare and promoting good workplace relationship.

Skills and experience: Applicants should be degree holders with three years of experience in the same position.

Performance goals: to be able to accomplish the assigned administration tasks within the specified time and relate well with the clients.

Guidelines for Conducting Effective Interviews

Being able to understand the requirements of the job.

Encouraging the candidate to relax.

Establishing interview questions related to the advertised job (Macdonald and Charlesworth, 2013, p. 338).

Document the interview process.

Taking important notes during the interviews.

Ensuring that you get the best out of the interviewed candidates.

Giving a chance to the candidates to ask questions.

Avoiding discriminatory and unlawful questions.

Establishing a system for effective evaluation of employees.

From: Human Resource Manager

To: Principal Consultant

Subject: approval of the recruitment, selection, and induction pol...

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