Research Paper on Bipolar Disorder

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Date:  2022-09-10


Bipolar disorder is a mental disease that causes a shift of moods energy or the ones ability to perform their daily routine. This disorder also is known as manic-depressive illness. In this essay, we are going to discuss a case study on a 52-year-old man, who is a retired army sergeant of our military, who was diagnosed with this illness and also educate a client on the symptoms and any other issues on the disorder.

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As per the case study, we tend to see some symptoms of this disorder. They are as follows. First, there are mood swings; Thomas wife is unable to cope with his unpredictable habits like he is sometimes pleased and then he can suddenly be so devastated. On this state, he refuses to eat, and he sleeps mostly, he also cries for several days. Secondly is being antisocial, he has a fragile relationship with his wife. Thirdly is drug and alcohol abuse. We are told that Thomas takes one to two packets of cigarette, and also he drinks excessively. The next symptom from the case study is that it affects their life day to day activity. Thomas is unable to go to work at times, and the boss also tends to sack him many times. He also does not attend his job as expected. The last symptom is panic and chest pain. He was admitted to the hospital with fear and chest pain complains where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

This disorder has a couple of signs and symptoms. The symptoms are expressed during the periods of moods. This mood can either be high or low (Schaffranek et al., 2014). The elevated moods are also called manic episodes. In manic episodes there are the following symptoms, they feel very high delighted, hopefulness and excited, they suddenly change from being joyful to being so devastated, there restlessness, rapid communication and poor attention, lack of sleep and increased energy, strange high sex energy, making outstanding and unrealistic strategies, drug and alcohol misuse, and they become more imprudent. The low moods are also known as the depressive periods. Their symptoms are sadness, feeling hopelessness or unworthy, loss of energy, losing interest in things they enjoyed before, there is trouble in concentration, they cry uncontrollably, they have difficulty in making decisions, easily irritated, sleep, there are changes in appetite leading to weight loss or gain, thoughts and attempts of suicide, lastly insomnia.

This disorder starts from when is in late adolescent or young adult. Both men and women are at risk of this disorder. This disorder is also inheritable from parents to the children. This disorder can be caused by some physical features of the brain, imbalance of brain chemicals and stress. Some traumatizing earlier experiences and child abuse can also be a cause for bipolar disorder (Happell et al., 2014). This disorder can be manageable with some factors since it is a long-standing condition to have successful treatment. Someone dragonized with this disease should see a physician or a psychologist. There should be solid communication between the patient and psychologist. Taking medication on a mood stabilizer. People who have drug abuse should seek more specialized treatment.

If someone is suffering from this disorder, he or she should not isolate themselves from others; they should not talk suicide, act recklessly, and take risks, abuse alcohol or drugs. They should focus on positive themes. The goals of supporting health wellness are taking medication daily. Secondly, get support from family or friends, and lastly, they should discover their worth. The objectives are accepting help when it comes from anyone. Get regular sleep and exercise a lot, and finally eat a well-balanced diet.


It is vital to promoting one's health is essential. It is necessary to take medication as soon as one realizes that they have these symptoms. It helps to avoid adverse effects of bipolar disorder as the impact may affect their day to day tasks.


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