Procrastination Among the College Students - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-08

Procrastination is one of the major menaces that most students in colleges experience. It can be defined as a tendency of postponing, putting off, holding off or rescheduling what is necessary especially assignments until another time or day. Some students find it difficult to juggle friends, family, and work while attending colleges leading them into a treacherous path to procrastination. This negative effect affects the students ultimately from their mental, social as well as physical health. It is important to note that everybody has got his or her daily burdens as well as responsibilities which they could prefer to shun rather than commence. However, for the college students, the burden is anything related to the college academics that range from assignments to projects and due week essays. Notably, through suspending the time necessary for an assignment completion, students put their physical well-being at a risk.

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Procrastination seems to be a substantial problem exclusively among the college students. Although several probable reasons exist for the occurrence of procrastination amidst students, Khan & Muneer, (2014) suggest that task evasiveness and fear of failure are the main reasons procrastination. Fear of failure may incorporate apprehensions about meeting other individuals expectations, perfectionist standards as well as lack of self-confidence among the students. Task evasiveness involves the college students suspending overwhelming or boring tasks. Sometimes a student may be bored to an extent of not feeling like partaking a task in time. This may in the long run affect the student attitude and the outcome of the task.

Most college students procrastinate for the reason that they have a panic of failing. Due to the existence of the many distractions such as friends, hobbies, and technology, procrastination may become difficult to avoid. Many students may procrastinate because of laziness. They appear to look at their college assignments and conclude, I still have time and the student waits till the day before the assignments are turned in to do the work. For instance, a student might have one and half weeks to do an assignment but because he or she feels that there is still enough time the student inclines to put the assignment aside till the day before the due date (Scent & Boes, 2014). Remarkably, most college students practice laziness when they lack motivation during their studies and life. Without a motivation person, the students develop laziness which makes them to delay their assignments. Laziness has become one of the major problems among the college students and should be avoided so that the students can finish their assignments diligently, without hurry, and on time.

Peer influence is another factor that promotes procrastination amid the college students. (Khan & Muneer, 2014). Peer pressure plays a major role in procrastination due to its bad influence for unnecessary things. Most of the college students have friends who do partying and may influence and pressure others to join them in the parties. When the students go for partying, they relentlessly have to put their work aside therefore, delaying their work. A friend should motivate others to do their homework and not to pressure them to delay the assignment. Other reason why particularly college students procrastinate is that perhaps they had done it before and basically it worked. In general, students may look back on past years of their high school education in which they had done steadily well in spite of constantly procrastinating. Notably, procrastination is a bad thing and should be completely avoided among the students for better performance.


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