Essay on Personal Health Assessment

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Date:  2021-05-28

There is no such a man/woman in the world whose behavior, habits or daily activity is perfect or ideal. We are all humans, and each of us has some harmful wonts. The only difference is the degree of a detrimental impact on a man. Such bad habit as smoking, and sometimes not just cigarettes, it also could be something illegal, has a very destructive influence on us. If you are a heavy smoker, soon the cough becomes your best friend who doesnt leave you at all. But its just the smallest problem. I am sure that everybody knows how many terrible diseases may cause the smoking. With alcohol, situation is not better. It also may bring you a lot of problems with the people you love. According to statistics, a large number of marriage breaks because husband or wife or both of them are drunkards. There are a lot of others habits which supplies us with a lot of horrible problems. But in our world exists another kind of bad habits. In its consequences, they are not so terrible and harmful as the first one, but still, they dont give us to live an ordinary life. I am not a drinker; I dont smoke cigarettes or something else. But still, I have some missteps in my daily activity. And I want to share it with you.

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In the modern world, we dont even imagine our life without different kind of gadgets. Unfortunately, I am not an exception. I dont hold my phone in hand just in one case when I sleep. All the rest of the time I diligently stare on the phone. I look through all my social networks. And there are a lot of them Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, Tumblr, Twitter. It is hard to get it all because the news in each app updates every minute. It is an endless process. Probably you want to ask me: What is bad about it? Is it bad to be up to date?. And I answer you that at first glance it seems to be a good habit, not a bad one. But in fact, approximately eighty percent of consumed information is not momentous for us. You see, the social network is a very remarkable invention. But we, people, should be careful. We must thoroughly choose the most necessary thing among the total flow of information. There are a lot of other important spheres of my life that I should pay attention. I could read more interesting books. To tell you the truth, I have a list of works of different authors. It becomes longer and longer, but I still dont have time to read them. I could devote more time to my physical activity. Doctors say that our generation suffers from various diseases of the spine more than others. It is because of passive lifestyle because when you look on your phone the only part of your body you use is your hand. I could also spend more time with my family, with the people I love so much. Unluckily my grandfather and grandmother are not ageless, parents too. I want to help them, to be the person they can rely on. I want to celebrate all the important holidays with them, to see their smiles, to see their happy faces and sometimes to look at their sad faces, to encourage them. Thats why I should do something to have more free time for them. So my plan is as follows: I will delete all the unnecessary apps, I will take my phone only for a couple of hours during all the day, at other times I will take it only if somebody calls me. Also, I should be careful and ignore all information I dont really need.

The other not very good habit in my life is a wont to worry about everything. I understand that in most cases it is a normal reaction of a human on some difficulties in his life. But sometimes our disturbance is groundless. I worry about my grades, my exams, my family, friends, future life, future job, relations with the opposite sex and with friends. I think about everything, and these thoughts dont give anything good. We live just one life, and thats why we shouldnt waste it on troubles. Its much better to learn how to be happy and how to accept all the events of the life, in spite of are they good or not. One day somebody told me that acceptance and understanding of your problem are the first step of solving it. First of all, Im going to learn how to pay more attention to something good that occurs in my life, to see the joy in the little things. Then I want to spend more time with the people who motivate and teach me, who are wiser and maybe older than me. Psychologists say, that our surroundings have a great influence on us. So, if you like to be with the pessimists, soon you will get used looking at the world just as they do. And my task is to surround myself with the people I want to be like. The next step is to learn to perceive the problems as life lessons and benefit from them. In our world, there are millions of books which describe various techniques on how not to worry. On the internet, there are plenty of videos on the same theme. I want to watch some of them and to use these methods in my daily life.

The next thing I want to change is my lifestyle. I go to sleep very late, and while lying in the bed, I still can use my phone till 2 or 3 p.m. And first of all it affects my eyes. I think our health is the first thing we should think about every day. Before doing something you should ask yourself: Is it helpful for me and my well-being or not?. And just in case of affirmative answer you may go on. Sometimes I can sleep very long. Instead of this I could get up early and go for a morning running, or do some physical exercises at home, or practice yoga, or something like that. I also could get up earlier to make a surprise for my family by cooking breakfast or read an inspirational book. Its hard to call my nutrition good enough. There is a lot of food I want to exclude from my table at all, and vice versa, to include in the diet. For example, almost everyone knows that there should be proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on your plate. If you try to imagine it visually, then the picture will look like this: half of your plate is occupied by carbohydrates, a quarter of it used for proteins and another quarter for fats. But if you ask me, if I follow these rules, I will be forced to say No. Its my fault, and I know it. My grandparents always repeat that it is necessary to protect and look after your health while you are young. If you dont do this, you have a lot of problems in old age. So I have a strong desire to spend every day of my life in a right way, become better by using every second right.

As you see, I have different kinds of bad habits. There are not all of them, but I try to share the main with you. They are not so terrible, but I know that, if I change them, my life will be better and Ill become happier, and Ill have the power to make my family and my friends happy. It is not so difficult to change your life, but it is hard to believe in yourself. I heard about one wonderful technique. It is this: if you want to change yourself, you should imagine in your head a person you want to become every day. The last month I do this all the time. And I want to tell you how this person looks like. It is a man who used to wake up every day at seven oclock in the morning. He dresses and goes to the street to run for half an hour. He comes back, takes a shower and cooks breakfast which includes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. He makes a plan for the day and doesnt worry if anything will go wrong because he knows everything that happens in his life is a valuable lesson. He succeeds because he knows how to use his time properly. He doesnt use his phone all the time. He is in good relations with his family; they understand each other. He is surrounded by the people with the positive thinking, and sometimes they teach him a lot of different things. He is a happy person.

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