Research Paper on Strategic Urbanization of Information Technology and Planning

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Date:  2022-10-19


The organization is still using a sophisticated method of files and information transfer. It's top-down, and vice-versa, a way of linking various departments is manual thus more hectic and labour-intensive. The 7s framework can be used to trace the problems of performance, especially in this organization, hence subsequently improving or changing the systems through which various processes are done (Peters & Waterman, 2002). With the photo presented having the organization's problems, several elements have to be put together to have a solution in a manner which is targeted. The 7s framework contains guidelines which can be traced back and adjusted in case any problem is found.

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The engineering firm is focused on bringing out the best results concerning projects. They offer various services in the bid of aiming at being the best engineering company. There will be increased levels of productivity due to the adoption of the digital platform, hence ensuring that there is increased efficiency, which adds value to the value while ensuring that the cost and time are managed well - this an eco-friendly system which allows for sustainability. In this case, the company has a problem with the existing manual system. This kind of system is bound to be faced with many challenges. The results of the work are not always accurate as there is no formal way of keeping the records. Instead, the company is relying on personal honesty and individual workability of the employees for everything to be successful when dealing with various projects. The system is prone to waste of resources at the company, such as a lot of paper usage, being costly and time-consuming when moving from one paradigm to another. The cause of the issues is that the organization had not advanced its technology, hence it had to use a lot of paperwork in carrying out its activities. The adoption of the paperless system ensures that there is accuracy in carrying out activities and the costs concerning resources and time are reduced.


It is essential that the organization has a structure given its seeming big size. Each department needs to be technologically enhanced to ensure that information is transferred without alterations. The hierarchy needs to be followed as well. Since the organization has adopted an eco-friendly and digital system. There will be no manual, carrying out of activities within the system. The work will now have to send through emails which are prompt and has less interference. Furthermore, instead of writing on paper which can be less efficient, the paperwork will now be printed making it possible to have various copies at a go.


This organization is using a digital system which is paperless to keep up-to-date with one another on the progress of various projects. The online structure is useful for everyone and prevents loss of information. The new system is more cost effective and saves time. Previously, the organization had to go through a lot, so they could only deliver a plan for a project. The resources which the new system is using can readily be found within the office. This enables the company to be more valuable regarding effectiveness and reliability.


This organization is passionate about giving the best project outcomes. It considers work to be done in systematic and way to avoid problems which may arise later. It is self-governing and creates a pleasurable working environment. The digital way of doing things is influencing strategy, hence allowing for powerful and dynamic productivity. The adopted system allows for conservative where the company can meet its goals easily.

Shared Values

The organization is accommodative to one another. The employees from junior to top are given the opportunity of executing their duties without intimidation. Enhancing digitality of the system allows for the improvement of services which the company provides. It is easier for the manager to share with the rest of the staff on how they can meet deadlines and be more productive.


This organization seems to be working only with the employees who are qualified and can present their projects in time without supervision. These employees are expected to know the exact scope of their work and meet the required deadlines. The distinctive capabilities of the employees in the company make it valuable and easy to work with. Everyone is professional and know their roles in enabling the projects to be successful. The project management team also provides for alternative ways of tackling issues in case any problems arise.


It is noted that the organization has employees who know their responsibilities and take them without problems. When an issue arises, they use the correct communication channel to link with the manager and other team members and cooperatively come to a solution. The staff from the application team, supervisor, engineers, and the management is involved in one way or another in the process of ensuring that the project is successful. They carry out planning, training and skills development so that the company can be able to deliver the needed results.


Peters, T., & Waterman, R. (2002). In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies. New York: Harper & Row.

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