Research Paper on US Immigration Policy

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Date:  2022-08-18


According to Hanson (2005), some challenges face the implementation of the past United State laws governing immigration. Thus, a majority of people (about 70%) believe that immigration brings merits related to the developments of the country while about 45% also believe that immigration should be scaled down. Therefore, the division has hampered the implementation of the state immigration policy. The division has ever since been influenced by political parties and prominent politicians which has caused varied opinions on the immigration policies. Nevertheless, the publication is relevant to the topic in the sense that it gives the critical hindrances to the state's immigration policy. Additionally, the barriers will enable the researcher to think critically on the resolutions to the challenges.

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Secondly, a viewer of the publication by Kandel (2017) shows that primer on the United States immigration policies. The first section of this report issued a guideline on how foreigners can obtain the US citizenship permanently or stay within the states for a certain period. Among the important discussion in the section includes the neutralization, forms of quasi-legal status, security and visa issuances (Kandel, 2017). The second section of the report issues the enforcement guidelines for denouncing the citizenship and denying them citizenship. Lastly, the last part gives the policies governing the unlawful stay in the US. The report is relevant in the provision of the immigration guidelines; the immigrants stay policies, the unlawful stay and other nitty-gritty of immigration.

Third, according to Kandel & Wasem (2016), there are immigration trends that directly influence the comprehensive immigration reforms. In the report of the chartbook of the trends of immigration, the following were identified as the major trends; border security and immigration reinforcement, revision of legal immigration and improved eligibility of the document verification during employment (Kandel & Wasem, 2016). Moreover, the report is significant and relevant to the research topic through issuing of the snapshots of time series data through the most appropriate and consistent time series of current statistically trending immigration laws. In general, the researcher offered the current highlights of immigration trends.

Forth, Wasem (2005) suggests four policies underlying the United States immigration policies. Among the identified principles underlying the US immigration policies involves; reunification of families, the diversity of admissions by the native country of the immigrant, the protection of refugees and lastly, the admission of the immigrants with relevant and needed skills (Wasem, 2005). The four principles guarantee the immigrants permanent citizenship into the United States of America. Hence, the publication is relevant to the research topic in the sense that it gives the transparent ways in which an immigrant can be issued with immediate permanent citizenship. Therefore, the paper will be able to build more on the four principles underlying the immigration policies.

Firth, Yale & Koehler (2005) stipulates then elaborates an overview of the immigration policies within the United States of American. The publication is segmented into various parts given that immigration as a topic is colossal. The first part provides the general overview of the United States immigration policies (Yale & Koehler, 2005). The first section also outlines how US immigration policies are made the relevant agencies that implement and reinforce the policies (Yale & Koehler, 2005). Moreover, the other section elaborates on the key concepts of the US immigration policies while the last part discusses the topic of citizenship and the relevant public benefits that an immigrant is guaranteed (Yale & Koehler, 2005). The article contains relevant information that is needed to build on the research topic such as agencies that reinforce and make immigration policies, additionally, the article gives the key concepts of immigration which will also be addressed in the research.

Sixth, Ester & Wasem (2008) addressed the current immigration policy and issues of immigration. The article addresses the protection of the US immigrants in many countries. The US policy on the immigration encompasses on seven countries which political instability or increased rebel or unrest such as Burundi, El Salvador, Somali, Honduras, Sudan, Nicaragua, and Liberia. The US citizens in those countries are protected with the immigration policies, under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This article is relevant and appropriate in issuing an insight of the temporary protected status (TPS) in case of civil unrest, natural disasters or violence. Additionally, the report provided in this report is essential on the discussion of US immigrants in other countries.

Lastly, Pierce & Selee (2017) reviews the immigration policies that were proposed by President Donald Trump during his campaign and after the inauguration. The articles analyze the immigration policies that Trump issued upon assuming office. They included sharp cuts on the legal immigration into the country especially on the Mexican boarders and extreme vetting of the applicants who desired US citizenship. The article is relevant in providing the immediate trends of immigration that are widely linked to the campaign tools of President Trump. Additionally, the researcher will be able to look at the Congress involvement on the proposed Trump's immigration policies.


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