Risk Assessment Case Study: Incidences in the Building

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Date:  2021-05-27

Often, incidences in the building can pose risks, and there is a need to carry out a risk assessment. Risk assessment involves identification of sensible measures which can help control risks. The basis for the determination of risk management involves risk analysis which helps to not only identify the likelihood of the risk but also its potential impact. There is a need to carry out occasional risk assessments. The risk is not only a product of likelihood but also magnitude. Risk assessment is a process that is carried out to determine the likelihood of an impact following the identification of risk events. After finding a calculation on these two types of risks, it becomes easier to determine overall risk rating.

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Various tools have been employed to determine the level of impact of the risk. Some of the tools include qualitative analysis maximum loss estimation, fault tree analysis, and so forth. To find out the likelihood, probability distribution tables are employed. After carrying out a risk assessment, the next most important thing is to develop what is referred to as Risk and Control Matrix. This helps in mapping out existing external controls with the risks. Risks will then prioritize. As per the respective overall risk rating.

The process of carrying out a risk assessment, preparing as well as implementing a safety statement and further keeping both of them up-to-date may not prevent accidents from happening. However, they play a crucial part in minimizing their likelihood. The objective is to ensure that no one gets hurt or was injured (HSE, 2006). There is a need to ensure that there is continuous improvement of the safety equipment. It begins with the Health and Safety Policy, then hazard identification, then assessment of risks, the decision of emotions, recording of findings, sd finally review and update.

HSE (2012) provided a step-by-step process that can be employed in risk assessment. The following I the five-step process.

Identify the hazards: One of the most significant issues in the performance of a risk assessment is the identification of the most likely hazards. One can identify the hazard by walking around the workplace as he or she thinks about any workplace hazards. Workplace hazards include substances, processes, or activities that can harm the employees health.

Who might be harmed? This step involves determining those who are likely to be harmed by the risk if it occurs.

Evaluate the risks: After identifying the risks, there is a need to decide the likelihood of occurrence, that is, the level of risk and what can be done about it. What can be done about the risk can include practical steps such as:

Trying an option that is less risky

Preventing access to the various types of hazards

Organizing work in such a way that there is little exposure to the hazard

Issuance of protective equipment

Involving as well as consulting with other members

Providing welfare facilities

Recording significant findings: A record of significant findings can be. This include the hazards, how people might be harmed by them, as well as factors that can be set aside to control the risks.


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