Satirical Essay on Trump Immigration Policies

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Date:  2021-05-31

Immigration is the inward movement of people from one country/location to another. Immigration is a significant agenda that was widely used in the past American elections in which Donald Trump emerged the winner. During the entire presidential campaign, Donald Trump had a negative and absurd agenda regarding the immigration as he has been cited in sometimes vowing to expel immigrants. Trump has blamed the increasing unemployment rates on the high number of immigrants who take up jobs that are meant for the American people. Many immigrants live in America without the required documentation. This makes their stay in American soil illegal which Donald Trump aims at using to expel the millions of immigrants in America. The proposal of strict immigration laws to restrict people from coming to America has been faced with significant criticism from the American people and the international community.

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Many people view Donald Trump agenda on immigration laws as uncalled for and detrimental towards human rights. Strict immigration laws will restrict people from having access to their loved ones who already have been qualified to be American citizens. Strict immigration laws aim at reducing the number of terrorists and other criminals from immigrating into the American soil. However, such laws will reduce the number of the skilled workforce working in different industries. Economically, strict immigration policies will reduce the aggregate gross domestic product since a high number of the skilled workforce who are immigrants will be forced to return to their countries. The resulting workforce gap will reduce the total domestic product and also reduce the total incomes in the economy. Despite the noble course of the strict immigration laws being proposed by Donald Trump their negative implications to the economy and the society should be considered.

In a move to make America great again, the less stringent policies on immigration must be quelled and a stricter requirement implemented. The illegal immigrants must prepare to take leave this great nation immediately after people's savior; President Donald Trump inauguration ceremony is over. Precisely, these group of illegal aliens must flee this country within two seconds. The natives wish to see their fresh breath back is inevitable. Over the decades, the real American nationals have suffered under the passive laws that allow anyone to do anything they wish on the countries soil.

However, the much awaited time is here. The massive exodus of these criminals is unstoppable. The native locals will donate wheelbarrows, bicycles, and boats to serve as means of transport to the illegal immigrants. In fact, that offer is too lenient to the criminals. They do not deserve such hospitality. What these unauthorized individuals can do for themselves is to lower our nation's standards. Clogging up our schools with slow learner students. The whole education system stinks because of their influence.

Teachers will have a simple task to train learners because Native American pupils are born holding books. In fact, the learning process begins at mother's womb. An American brain starts to grow immediately after conception. A mother teaches the unborn baby on how to speak and dress oneself. These kids end up becoming experts, creating very many job opportunities that force the nation to import workers from other countries. Unfortunately, the immigrants take up the natives employment opportunities. Therefore, new rules should be strict. Preventing and guarding nation's resources. The result will be America for America. That will be the simple policy for all. Evidently, every American will enjoy the fruits for self-dependence. There will be many jobs, overflourishing such that the government will entice other experts from other nations to come and work in this great country.

On a more specific note, the government will implement several policies to necessitate the change in immigration policy. Firstly, a border will be built on the southern part. Many immigrants have used that route to enter this great nation. Drug barons have seen their way in the nation. As a payback move, Mexico should finance the wall. The country has been good for their citizens. They should appreciate the hospitality extended and in return give back to the country. The wall should be built using stones imported from Africa. Minerals from the Africa continent are the best. Nothing will attempt crossing that wall. Even an insect!. It will be a total security to both nations. Everything should be barred from getting its way to either side. Rainfall in the American side should be different from that in Mexico. The oxygen must be different too. These are two very different nations, and such specific delineations must be cognisant with the will of the people.

The illegal criminals who have immigrated in our nation will be forced to find their way back home. Their countries will bore the costs if forced deportation becomes the only way. The fellow relatives will be happy to receive their people back. How does one feel at his home? Their nations are developed. For example, the case of Africans-Americans is suitable. They have much-developed infrastructure than here in the United States. They have minerals; their governments are democratically elected. Surely, they will be smiling as we help them return home. Issuance of Visas will be made strict. Their faces will be screened to ensure that their blood belongs to their specific nations. They will be happy to realize that they belong in their native lands left for them by their ancestors.

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