Slotting Fee: Ethical or Unethical? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-10


Slotting fee is the amount a manufacturer pays a grocer for the grocer to stock the manufacturers goods in their shelves. In many ways, paying slotting fees is both ethical and unethical. It is mainly unethical in that the charges differ for different products across the market. This is unethical since it leads to favoritism between competitors. It is also unethical since it results in edging out of new manufacturers with new companies (Aalberts R., 2012). This means that the consumers never quite get new products since the pre-established manufacturer has a considerable niche paid for. It is an ethical practice in that it enables manufacturers to salvage profits even when sales are low.

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Layout Strategies

The pod design implemented by the hospital was both efficient and comfortable. The previous model was uncomfortable and profitable resulting in nurses spending over 25%of their time just walking covering up to 2.5 miles in a day (Munson, 2017). By incorporating the new design, the hospital can save up to 30 % of lost time in walking. The nurse station is only 14 feet from every room. Pod design can be beneficial for events set up or office design with all office supplies in a central location to minimize time wastage on movement. Pod design is theme-centered, for example in a hospital, they are patient-centered. Therefore, it is difficult to customize it for different functionalities such as entertainment and service delivery where an open layout design would be suitable.

Employee Working Environment and Benefits

The restaurant work environment has a myriad of benefits. First off, is the tips one gets from satisfied customers. In a renowned restaurant, a month's tips may be worth more than a salary. Rules are primarily based on basic decency and good manners. Hard Rock Cafe offers employees excellent benefits, a relatively free working environment that enhances an enjoyable working experience, free meals, and parking, exceptional training and opportunities for improvement (Indeed, 2019). Hard Rock Cafe management can find out strong personalities by incorporating fun activities as interviews instead of dreary office interviews. Motivation can be maintained by giving allowances and promotions for well-done jobs over time.


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