Social Work: Improving Living Standards and Empowering the Vulnerable - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


Generally, Social Work is a topic that needs a productive dedication to improve people's living standards and the society around us. For instance, NASW Code of Ethics helps social workers in understanding their human's interests, as well as assisting individuals to openly meet their needs, with specific attention to the requirements as well as the empowerment of individuals who are considered to be very vulnerable, subjugated, and the poor people in the society. Considering these particular ethics, the social workers are viewed as the critical leading by an example as well as showing that they all accorded respect for not only the responsibilities as a social worker but also their clients. Typically, this particular Code of Ethics has got four essential parts that constitute it (Dominelli, 2010). The most significant section of the Code of Ethics has six primary core values such as the Service, Competence, Significance of Human Relationships, Social Justice, Integrity as well as Dignity. These are some of the essential features which are very necessary for this particular profession.

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However, at times, it may be challenging for an individual to ensure non-biased attitudes towards the client's condition, to handle a situation in the topmost possible professional manner (Ife, 2012). Basically, the social work is regarded to be a unique profession from other professions since you are not only improving the client's life, family members, the group, but also working together with the community around you. Therefore, it is very significant to consider these given values of the Code of Ethics to successfully improve people's welfare who are involved in your profession. Personally, at a tender age, I firmly believed that I had a desire to assist individuals more so the most unfortunate in society.

Additionally, my family also has useful helping professions, since my beloved mother is a professional primary teacher and is regarded as one of the most kindhearted women within society. Again, my father is a business entrepreneur who interacts with his clients daily where he understands their needs and evaluates how he can satisfy them adequately. He is the one who inspired me to undertake my degree course on Social Work. During his free time, my father helps in fundraising programs in our local church and also goes to the city by every end-month to feed the street children and homeless individuals. He is such a generous man in our community (Lundy, 2011). This motivates me as his son to have that desire to help less unfortunate in society because this is one of the significant helping professions.

On the other hand, most organizations are not valuing the aspect of social work for their employees at the workplace. Through the social work organizations, most employees should be encouraged, via the reflective practice as well as proper support, to examine their features and how they can quickly adapt to the team ecosystem. In addition to that, it is also very vital to acknowledge that while the professionals of mental health can have improved skills within their areas of specialization as well as their areas of expertise. However, it should not be assumed that the professionals have got all the required skills to collaborate effectively with other individuals as part of the nurtured teams. For instance, there is a primary task which is also known as the work task. This helps in corresponding with the organization's mission.

Consequently, most of the organizations are undergoing multiple task activities, all participating to be expressed in the service of the functional task. This is considered to be the point where the authority, finally becomes a central business place. That is an individual who decides about the boundary of the task that helps it to become obvious as well as for the group work to be employed successfully.

Similarly, due to the absence of authority boundary, destructive chaos can easily result in the significant problem which finally makes the survival of the group, or the team is at risk. While in some arguable occurrence, such a failure may be considered under some circumstances for the new task to be met (Dominelli, 2010). However, from the group perspective that is regarded to be dead, the loss continues to survive entirely after the boundary time lapses. Being one of the social workers in one of the organizations, the main task of my group includes the management of the case, analysis of the policies of social welfare, as well as Care management. These were regarded as the fundamental features of the reforms as far as the community care act is concerned. For example, in the past decade, the research indicates that out of the ten employees, one or two workers became the employees of the care managers but it is very unbearable what this meant when it comes to the roles and the functions of the employees.

Considering the theory part of it, significant tasks include, case findings and referral, the assessment as well as the selections, care planning as well as the service packaging, monitoring and re-assessment, and finally closure of a particular case (Ungar, 2011). Most of the functions played by our teams in society became our key objectives to improve and create an enabling culture in the next two decades, whereby we are determined to eradicate poverty. Additionally, we are also determined to ensure all the children in our society have got equal opportunities to realize their potential. Therefore, enhancing the possibilities for the less unfortunate individuals in the community is one of the key strategies we have at heart. Similarly, to the old individuals, it is reported that the disabled have severely complained about the inadequacy to meet and satisfy their needs. According to the research by Jenny Morris in 1990, it is revealed that the statutory services were considered to be very inflexible, as most of the services were regarded as personal care. That is, the services are meant to fit the client to the service but not the service to the client as it always happens. Hence, this reduced the aspect of independence as the social work either at home or at the workplace.

Again, the authority boundaries as well as the facilitating structures, roles of the authority boundaries, and the structures in order to help in providing the an adequate space for the anxiety as well as the worrying work that can lead to the displacement among the social workers, with an aim of ensuring that the team attends to the task which is done on a realistic and appropriate manner. In this case, the term leader comes out clearly as the organization's ambivalence as well as the splitting. It is also revealed that most organizations are socially building the defenses against the aspect of anxiety which is considered to be aroused via carrying out the practical work of the organizations (Ife, 2012). These particular social defenses can be evident in the various structures of the organization, their procedures, information systems, their roles, in their cultures, as well as in the gap between what the organizations explain what they are doing.

In addition to that, the consequences of the managers' neurotic qualities of handling the working relations among the employees within the organizations are considered to be one of the critical aspects of social work. Again, the feature of diversity among the social workers in the organization is the person's stage of life and age. Significantly, it is also very considerable for both the managers and the social workers to work hand in hand with one another to help in improving the element of social work within the organization and the society at large.


In conclusion, social work on human rights has immensely improved the living standards of people in the organization as well as in the whole society. I am pleased to note that social work is an exclusive profession that operates for societal development. It enhances the interests of people, their families, and the groups.


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