The Phantom of The Opera - Film Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-10-04


The creation and direction of films are to bring out a certain theme or attain a specific set goal. Films are of different categories and they create various aesthetics to the viewers. The filmmakers need to know the goals of the movie and the audience as well. The film named as "the phantom of the opera" clearly depicts its role in the society and what it tries to bring out concerning the different aspects.

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The goals of the film define the plot and scenes that the director will include. It is important for the viewers to take a keen note on the themes presented in the film as these are the goals that the film tries to achieve and describe the real meaning even in life. It is at the end of watching a clip that one notices what the film was trying to show and the aspects used in performance starting from the actors and actresses to the scenes and the performances in each as shown in the film under discussion.

"The Phantom of the Opera" is a film that shows how a Christine who is a young singer gets to be the passion of a musical genius who was disfigured and always wore a mask. The musical genius lived in the Opera House all his entire life (Ellis, 2018). As a result of events that transpire such that the young soprano falls for someone else, the musical genius decides to kidnap her and he goes ahead to command the people in the play to make Christine a great leader in the play.

The main goal of the film is to show how obsession influences people in various categories and how they are lured to engage in activities that are risky. Thus, obsession is the main theme or goal of the movie depicted by the young soprano and the disfigured musical genius.

The duality of obsession is such that it is difficult to categorize it as either being good or evil. When the direction of obsession is in a positive way, it results in good experiences and development of projects. However, when the direction is in a negative way, it may result in serial killings and more risky behaviours from those involved. The film under discussion describes the bitter man who was deformed since his birth. He is known as Phantom and has found a place to stay in the Opera House

The man gets to love Christine who was a talented soprano singer. He continues to privately tutor Christine as he also terrorizes the other members living in the opera house where he demands that Christine needs the lead roles and that they should accord her. The Phantom is deeply obsessed with Christine such that he wants her to acquire better-leading roles even if it will involve force (Marie, 2018). Thus, with the help of the Phantom, Christine gets the role of becoming the venues' leading lady.

The young talented singer has fallen in love with Raoul who is her childhood friend. The Phantom is jealous because he cannot reach Christine who he has loved too much because she is obsessed with another man. Thus, the Phantom decides to kidnap her but is not aware of the miles that Raoul is willing to walk to have her because he is also obsessed with her.

Obsession is also seen in the way the Phantom is excellent at music. He has a great talent as seen in the way he tutors Christine and it is unfortunate that he still does not have a platform to do better of the propensity for the individuals that look good to excel more so in competitions compared to those that are talented but are less aesthetically pleasing. It is because of the disfigured face that made the Phantom wear a mask that has made him not to be better in terms of the musical career even though he unquestionably has a great talent (Peterson, 2017). His dreams of fame and stardom are doomed because of his face.

Thus, he is forced to become a Phantom because he has not had anyone to appreciate his talent and got no support. He does not find another way of making a living but continues to tutor individuals in the same field because that is where his talent lies. He is obsessed with music and sees it as a better way to suit him. It is a reality that he cannot go far and become famous with this kind of a society because of the looks versus talent where the looks win.

Obsession is also evident where the Phantom is in rebellion against the society. It is because of the society that he has found it difficult to receive recognition. Different individuals have their notion towards musicians like him. Most members of the society claim that it is not logic that an individual with a kind of disfiguration tries to engage in public activities. These individuals end up receiving a rejection from the very society they come from hence no support.

The phantom is obsessed with revenge which is soured by righteous anger from the conviction that the society has rejected him (Marie, 2018). The same people that he relies on to uplift him and take him to a better level are the individuals that have forgotten about him.

The Phantom is like so many other people that become unwilling outcasts of a society and he internalizes the kind of rejection he is receiving by having to reject his identity and also getting to put on the persona of being a phantom. The belief he has is that the masquerade life will make the society notice him. It is true to state that phantom is justified about his feeling of being outraged.

This kind of obsession is presented in a negative way since such an individual may decide to prove the society wrong even if it means getting to engage in overwhelming drama, impossible feats and misdirection as presented in the film. Thus, the film tends to be more of an exercise in arguing the experiences of human beings in life and the illusion of the length to which it gets.

The major effect of obsession in the film is that it leads to anger. There are many instances that show the impact of obsession and the emotions that evoke. However, anger is particular and becomes the cause of many small conflicts that actors experience. As a result of obsession, the Phantom who is in love with Christine becomes angry and decides to kidnap Christine and also imprison her with him in his lair.

The despair as a result of obsession turns to emotions of furiousness and jealous rage and thus, he is willing to do anything to make sure that he wins her back. The Phantom also threatens to blow the whole of Opera house if Christine did not marry him (Ellis, 2018). He can do anything even if it means to raise the stakes to an ultimate level of the choice of Christine such that the wine her lover over that of Raoul despite it being strange about her attraction to the phantom.

Obsession and its impact in anger are also evident from the case of Raoul when he accused Christine of deception and continues to hurl insults at her which he perceives as lack of love on the part of Christine because she loved the Phantom more than she loved him. The two met and fell in love where Christine agrees to Raoul's proposal for marriage. However, since the Phantom is also in the quest to gain Christine's attention and love, Raoul feels that Christine is deceiving and accuses her of the same.

One thing about the obsession in the film and its relation to anger is that it is aimed towards women. Most instances state where men feel that it is useless that their efforts are not bearing any fruits and the one common woman is Christine. The Phantom and Raoul depict love, jealousy and obsession from the core of the plot as Christine serves as the proxy for the desires of these two men and intentions as well. The two protagonists, Christine and Raoul show the impacts of obsession on an individual's life.

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