Trump's Immigration Policy: Impact on US Employment - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-31


The president of United State Donald Trump, together with the Republicans have over the years pursued policies to minimize the legal immigrants to the United States. These are intending to prioritize the admission of highly skilled immigrants with good education over those immigrants with family ties to the residents and deporting the undocumented immigrants that live and work in the United States (Payan, 2016).

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However, according to research, the employment rate has fallen, and the employers have increasingly said that they are experiencing worker shortage. Economists in the United States have warned of the reduction of immigrants in the United State over the decade, which will starve the economy of workers in the United State (Payan, 2016). The retiring rate in the United States is creating a deep whole towards the workforce. Also, The United States rate of birth is low, which does not see a very high amount of workers in the economy.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, both documented and undocumented immigrants are younger than the native workers and have higher labor force compared to the aboriginal Unite State Workers. In Industries such as the home health aides, construction, and tech industries, there is a very high demand for immigrants. If the government crackdown on the workers, then there will be a feeling of shortage by the employers. Also, employers are never prepared to handle the lack of employees.

Most of the United State United State communities have had programs to welcome the immigrants and refugees through food and music. Also, they educate and inform the immigrants on available jobs, especially the youths. Most of the employers in the United States believe that immigrants have tremendous skills. Many of the employers think that the administration is driving away among the most skilled immigrants in achieving a stable economy. Most of the Immigrants are forced to look for other options in countries such as Spain or Italy, where they can provide labor for better living standards.

The government administration program in granting protection from work permit and work permit to the United States with no documentation as a child. If these immigrants go underground or sent out of the United States, their distribution to the economy to the country will be lost. These will include the fledgling of dairy farms business (Lewis and Peri, 2015). The citizens do not take most of the labor required in the United States in low formal education requirement. These are because of the high formal education that they receive. However, the immigrants have no hesitation in taking the jobs as they come to the United States to improve their lifestyle. For this reason, they have no choice but take the jobs that the citizens are reluctant to take.

These highlights that there is a great importance by immigrants to the United States workforce. Both immigrants and their children will, in the future, become of importance to the future workforce. In reality, there are no enough United State citizens that can fill the openings of labor. Also, some jobs need little formal education which cannot attract the educated citizens in the United States in labor. However, most of the immigrants in the U.S are not authorized to work in the country. America's ability in labor will depend on ensuring that the United States stable immigration policies that will ensure that the economic needs are met as a nation.


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Payan, T. (2016). Immigration and the United States: A Path to Resolution. Policy Brief: Recommendations for the New Administration.

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